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Suing beyond the policy limits—What are your options?

Car Accident Lawyer

If you filed a lawsuit in a personal injury case and didn’t recover enough money from the insurance company to cover your injuries, do you have any options?
In Ohio, the law allows you to sue beyond the negligent party’s policy limits. The injury attorneys at Slater & Zurz personal injury law firm have taken this action—suing beyond the policy limits–for their clients many times.

A person may have received compensation from an insurance company or another party in a personal injury lawsuit. That compensation is not sufficient for the injuries suffered and the projection of what those injuries could mean throughout a lifetime. It is also possible the responsible party has no insurance or assets.
If you have severe injuries, medical expenses may be very high, and recovering monies from an insurance company may not be enough. If this is the case, there are other ways to collect. They include:

  • Suing other parties involved in the accident or incident
  • Suing the main party at fault individually (going after assets or monies they may have). A Slater & Zurz attorney can explain what “assets or monies” could mean.
  • Putting a claim against an “umbrella policy.”(Some businesses and individuals have this type of policy “over the top” of their regular insurance policies. Like an umbrella shielding you from bad weather, umbrella policies provide additional coverage for the business or individual.)
  • Consulting with a car accident lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in suing beyond a policy’s limits.

Thorough Case Evaluation is Necessary to Determine What Compensation May Be Sought

Slater & Zurz personal injury lawyers thoroughly evaluate a Suing Beyond the Policy Limits case. They investigate all avenues to secure more monies based on the circumstances of what happened to you and the extent of your injuries. This investigation is free.

Slater & Zurz’s car accident lawyers cannot tell you immediately if they can sue beyond the policy limits. Everything depends on what is uncovered when the car accident lawyer performs their investigations.

Often, if you are disabled to the point of never being able to work again, you will not be able to provide for your family or contribute to the family income. More compensation will be required, and Slater & Zurz will find a way to get it for you.

They have the connections to obtain expert witnesses in a variety of specialized health areas. These experts can project what a client’s future will be like based on the injuries from your medical records. Doctors in these specialties can be interviewed if necessary.

The Person Seeking Compensation Beyond the Policy Limits Must Prove Damages with Documentation

To file a suit with the insurance company in this kind of situation, you will need proof that:

  • Medical bills are piling up
  • Wages or income have been lost since you have been out of work
  • Future earning potential has been lost because of your injury(s)
  • Property damages have resulted due to the accident or incident

Slater & Zurz personal injury attorneys want what is fair for their clients who were injured in a car crash or those who were victims of medical malpractice or some other type of personal injury. They want what is fair for people who have suffered an incident that is personal injury-related. If the incident has virtually ruined your life and overall health and has prohibited you from having the ability to work and provide for yourself or your family, you should consult with a lawyer at Slater & Zurz.

They will consult with you free of charge to determine if your case can go beyond the policy limits in Ohio. By law, you, as the client, are not bound by the negligent party’s policy limits.

Where to Find the Slater & Zurz Law Firm

If you want to collect on your injury and try to sue beyond policy limits, you need to call Slater & Zurz at 1-888-534-4850. The law firm has five offices throughout Ohio located in downtown Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Our car accident lawyers are also able to meet with you throughout Ohio in a location more convenient for you.

You can also contact Slater & Zurz through their website, slaterzurz.com. You can fill out a short form on the site and send it to the law firm from your phone. You can also e-mail the law firm directly from the website.