Q1. How does the court determine child support?

A. Child support is based on the income of both you and your spouse. It also takes into consideration other factors. For example, whether you or your spouse is paying child support for another child and whether you or your spouse is paying spousal support. All factors become part of the child support worksheet guidelines and an amount is calculated.

Q2. How does the court determine division of property?

A. The court generally identifies whether or not each asset is marital or non-marital. If an asset is determined to be marital that value is split 50/50 between the parties.

Assets such as inheritances and personal injury settlements are determined non-marital and not subject to division by the court.

Q3. How does the court determine spousal support?

A. Spousal support is determined on a case by case basis. As a general rule, if the court is going to award spousal support, it takes into consideration the fixed expenses of the parties and thereafter tries to equalize the income between the payor of spousal support and the recipient of spousal support.

As a general rule, the court will order one year of spousal support for every three years of marriage.

Q4. How long does a divorce take?

A. You can expect a divorce to take at least 1 year. Unless the parties can reach agreement by entering into a separation agreement.

Q5. How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

A. Cost vary depending on the situation. Terminating a marriage can be resolved quickly and amicably by way of Dissolution or by way of a contested divorce which can involve extensive litigation.

Q6. How much will this cost me?

A. The financial cost to end your marriage depends on the details of your case. A free consultation will allow us to learn more about your situation.

We will be able to provide you with the estimated cost at that time.

Q7. How to file for divorce in Ohio without a lawyer?

A. It is always best to have legal representation in a situation as impacting on your life as a Divorce.

Q8. How to find a divorce lawyer?

A. Family or Friend Referral. Searching the Internet. Local Bar Association.The internet can be a great source of information by looking at the reviews available for the attorney, as well as the Law Firm.

Q9. How to find a good divorce lawyer?

A. Research, look at reviews for the attorney and the Law Firm, contact the Local Bar Association, talk to the attorney to see if the attorney fits your needs.

10. How to get a divorce without a lawyer? (this could be why you need a divorce lawyer.)

A. It is always important to use a professional when dealing with such an important matter

11. How will the court determine who gets custody of our children?

A. Ohio law lists 11 factors that the court will consider in deciding what is in a child’s best interest.

Contact us and we will explain each of them to you.

12. If I had an affair, what role does infidelity play in the process?

A. Legally infidelity plays nothing in the process as far as the financial aspects are concerned. It is simply a ground for divorce.

However, infidelity can be an issue in the case of a custody litigation.

13. Who pays lawyer fees in a divorce?

A. The person retaining the attorney is ultimately responsible for the fees. There are some circumstances where one party can be ordered by the Court to pay the attorney fees of the other party.


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