Client Testimonials

John provided above-and-beyond service performance regarding my accident lawsuit in a timely manner. I’m recommending John to my friends and family going forward. Kudos

5 Star Review

Doran Zustin

Last November, I was in an accident in Cleveland, Ohio, and didn’t know where to turn. I started looking for a personal injury lawyer as I was hurt and my vehicle was badly damaged. The person that hit me had not paid his insurance in over a month, so I was very worried. It caught my attention when I saw that this law firm NEVER would get more $ than their clients. Right away, I called, and when I spoke with John Lynette for the 1st time, I knew I was in good hands with them. He is extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. His calm and reassuring demeanor put me at ease, so I hired them to help me, and it was the best decision. I honestly was blown away by how much money I received for compensation for my injuries and vehicle. Also, how fast the process was as I heard from other people who had similar accidents that it takes a long time before you are compensated. I never give reviews, but I really wanted to take the time to write this because I truly was treated so well; he was available anytime to answer questions, and again I was so impressed with my check that if your looking for an injury lawyer you NEED to call this firm. Sincerely grateful,

5 Star Review

Gina, L. Aponte

“Rick Zurz is a good personal injury lawyer who practices with honesty and integrity.  He represented me in a conflict-of-interest case.  The dispute was between an ex-partner and me.  Rick had a strong relationship with my ex-partner.  However, I waived any conflict-of-interest rights to allow Rick to represent both of us.  He performed the negotiation without favoring either of us.  His representation was fair and performed with great integrity..” 

5 Star Review

John Finnucan

“Mr. Robert Horton kept me informed every step of the way. Polite and professional, took the time to get the best results. Would definitely seek Mr. Horton again if the need arises.”

5 Star Review
William S.

“Robert Horton is amazing! After fighting for over a YEAR with another attorney to resolve my automobile accident, Robert stepped in and resolved my case in less than 30 days. I recommend this firm as a whole for anyone seeking legal counsel.”

5 Star Review
Johnmeka R.

“Silas Pisani did an excellent job assisting with my case. He always answered any question I had within a 24-hour period. He met me where it was convenient for me and even on a Saturday. He kept me informed and on schedule with the necessary proceedings.”

5 Star Review
Angie S.

“I have to tell you this is a GREAT law firm. My mom used them when she felt my grandfather Pops died from negligence at a nursing home. Slater & Zurz LLP listened, kept Mom informed, consoled and counseled her, aggressively won the case, and gave her and our whole family closure. Pops isn’t here, and the only way to get an apology was for them to write the check. Without the expertise of Slater & Zurz LLP, we would never have had closure – I recommend them to anyone who needs a serious attorney and a GOOD personal injury lawyer. They left no questions unanswered, and I thank them for helping my mom with this horrific incident! They are very nice. They will do everything and beyond to help you. I recommend them but could not ask much more from them. I Will always use them in the future”

5 Star Review
Mathew B.

“Very pleased with the knowledge and promptness I received from Jeffrey. He kept the communication open and was quick to respond. The girls in the office are Awesome!! Very Friendly!!”

5 Star Review
Denise B.

“I work in the same building as S&Z they are a great bunch of lawyers. When I ask questions, they’re always very informative. Easy-going and friendly. If I ever need a lawyer, I will go there 1st.”

5 Star Review
TL Summers

“Mr. Slater and Rick Zurz are caring, courteous, and professional lawyers. Twenty-six years ago, they represented my son in a head injury case. I was pleased with the results that provided for his future. When this catastrophic auto accident occurred, I recalled their excellent management of the previous case and contracted them again. I recommend them if you are looking for good honest lawyers.”

5 Star Review
Joann K.

“Jim Slater has been our attorney for almost 40 years. I remember how he fussed with my husband initially, but we learned to trust him, and we were all great friends. My husband died, and I had several things come up, so I returned to him. Same Jim after 40 years thoughtful, considerate, confident, and friendly.”

5 Star Review
Betty P.

“The firm represented our daughter in a dog bite case that dated back to 2019. Jim Slater was extremely knowable and courteous. He communicated with us every step of the way, even when there was nothing to communicate with. Jim would periodically check-in and ensure all of our questions were addressed. We feel that we had the best representation we could have asked for, and our daughter received a favorable settlement that was far greater than what we could have received on our own. We would consider using Slater and Zurz in the future if the need arose!”

5 Star Review
Eric B.

“I used Slater & Zurz after everyone I contacted told me I had no wrongful death case. They listened, and it cost me nothing. Slater & Zurz took the case, assigned Brandon Dean as my attorney, and delivered exactly what they promised. They got me a settlement in the wrongful death of my father. They kept me informed every step of the way. They answered all of my questions and walked me through everything. Brandon was aggressive and compassionate. I met Mr. Zurz and Slater, and they all treated me like I was their only client. When I visited their office, I noticed that they treated everyone this way. They are caring and compassionate, yet aggressive, and deliver everything they claim to do. I recommend them to anyone who wants GOOD legal representation from ad GREAT legal firm!”

5 Star Review
Sarah H.

“I was referred to Rick Zurz by another attorney who was a friend of mine during the worst time in my life. Rick took the time to learn about my situation, circumstances, and anything necessary that was impacted by the circumstances. Not only did he do a fantastic job at resolving the legal circumstances, but he also helped me thoroughly understand the process and how it would or would not impact my circumstances and, ultimately, the future of my life.

Over the past 25 years, Rick has become my “go-to” attorney for anything of merit or legal concern, and he and his staff have always directed me in the right direction. Rick truly has a genuine concern for his clients and will always do the best for his client’s circumstances and not for his firm’s bottom line. Last, I’ve been utilizing Rick Zurz for my legal needs for all the years. I always have and will continue to refer my clients, my family members, my friends, and anyone seeking good legal counsel to Rick Zurz because, as far as I’m concerned, Rick Zurz is the best trial attorney in Ohio …


5 Star Review
John P.

“I would like to share my two cents about my experience with Slater and Zurz LLP Law Firm in Akron. Two attorneys have represented me in different matters, all of which have been successfully resolved. Attorney James Slater handled my auto accident injury claim. He was professional and no-nonsense. There were times when I did not think I had any rights, but he convinced me otherwise, and a fair settlement was reached.

Attorney Jeff Hawkins was the attorney that James Slater referred me to about my divorce. Also, I could not access my retirement income for over seven months because of my marital issues. I was about to lose my home and car and could not pay other bills until Attorney Jeff Hawkins took over my case. In a matter of what seemed like a couple of weeks, Mr. Hawkins had my divorce handled, and all my retroactive back retirement pay was in the mail! He was a lifesaver as far as I’m concerned.

I had previously dealt with attorneys from other law firms, one of which charged a tidy sum of money yet treated me like I was a nobody.

The injury attorneys at Slater and Zurz get RESULTS!! They are courteous and professional. I will always go back to Slater and Zurz for legal issues.”

5 Star Review
Amy O.

“Attorney Jim Slater of Slater & Zurz has been our family attorney for 40+ years. Our family life has included marriage, working, and raising five children. While life presents many opportunities, some of them are not always good.

When those times arose and needed legal advice and/or representation, Attorney Jim Slater listened with compassion and provided qualified, professional, and confidential legal services. Our association with the Slater & Zurz organization began in 1977.

When another firm negotiated a domestic relations settlement that was not equitable, Mr. Slater accompanied us to court, gaining paternal custody and additional visitation at a time when was certainly not the norm.

Over the years, Mr. Slater provided legal counsel and representation when insured and uninsured motorists injured our family members in several car accidents.

An Illegal stop by an individual masquerading as a police officer brought us to Jim’s office again, seeking advice on this disturbing sequence of events. Attorneys from the firm represented us in this court case which sought damages for illegal detainment.

Attorneys from the firm represented us in court as we sought a restraining order against individuals stalking and harassing our special needs daughter. Regardless of the situation, it is comforting to know that the attorneys of Slater & Zurz are there to look out for our best interests.

Slater & Zurz have improved the quality of our lives, protecting us from situations that could have caused additional emotional and/or financial hardship, ultimately resulting in our peace of mind.”

5 Star Review
Cathy G.

Attorney John Lynette is a hell of an attorney. Very nice and a very friendly person to be around and represent any client. God is good all the time.

5 Star Review

Joyce M.

I Highly recommend Mr. Lynette, he was very responsive, very informative, down to earth, very easy to talk to, and even funny at times, gets the job done quickly as possible. Call Mr. Lynette, NOW!

5 Star Review

Paul Campisi

A thank you so much goes out to Attorney, John Lynett. He has continued to alleviate my concerns and anxieties, especially since I have used his services more than once. I do appreciate him negotiating continued successful settlements in my favor. Being thorough, organized and persistent definitely helped and made me more at ease. I am hoping I do not need his services again. However, I am confident Slater & Zurz law firm will ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf.

5 Star Review

Ms. Leigh N. &  Kenneth A.

I was very pleased with having Michael Schmeltzer representing me in my case. He was very attentive to keeping me updated on every phase of what was going on, and I was very pleased with the outcome. Thank you so much, Mike.

5 Star Review

Joyce K.

Ok – Rick represented me in a mediated divorce involving 2 younger children. He was extremely professional and highly collaborative throughout the challenging process. His guidance and personal respect for making a rather difficult situation resolved fairly in the kid’s and my best interests resulted in a successful outcome. I highly recommend Rick to others seeking his legal services in family law matters.

5 Star Review

Michael Hess

I have had a good experience working with Brandon at Slater & Zurz. I highly recommend him. He was excellent and took care of my late mother’s legal matters. Brandon and his assistant Mel were both very friendly, accommodating, and prompt with their services. Put our family at ease. Can’t say thank you enough. Highly recommended!

5 Star Review

Daren Ross

“Rick Zurz and the entire staff we have dealt with at Slater and Zurz have been extremely helpful, compassionate, and professional. We highly recommend it!”

5 Star Review
Shelley M.

“Very knowledgeable group. I would recommend them to anyone needing a car accident lawyer. The staff is great to deal with. Just a little pushy on payment, but seem to be good people and willing to help.”

5 Star Review
James A.

“Silas Pisani was just what I needed. He’s not what you expect. He was quiet, intelligent, diligent, affordable, and kind at all times. He didn’t create any additional conflicts. He just got my divorce done the way I wanted at the initial price he charged.”

5 Star Review
CC Chapman

“John Lynette represented me for my case. He was professional, and the claim took longer than expected, but he was very informative on the situation and kept me up to speed every time I called.”

5 Star Review
Kim Y.

“Where do I begin? I was going through one of the toughest issues I had ever experienced in my life….DIVORCE! When I was served with the divorce papers, it was as though someone had just punched me so hard that I was between conscious and knocked out. I was numb to everything. I could not think straight. I couldn’t function. I was out of the house and did not have a place to stay. How I got there I, still to this day, do not understand, but if it wasn’t for the personal and professional care I received from the law office of Slater & Zurz, I truly do not believe that I would be the same person I am today.

I entered the law firm desperately confused, depressed, and afraid of the unknown that was in my immediate future. I didn’t know what to do or where to begin, but Rick (Zurz) and his staff guided me through it.

During our first meeting at his office, Rick assured me that, although this was my first time going through this, he and his staff had been through these legal proceedings thousands of times. I also remember that Rick told me to try and relax and let him do the worrying from now on. He told me what to expect through the process and how the process was going to unfold. It was so calming to know that I was not going through it alone and that I had a professional to guide me. That alone meant more to me than anyone will ever know. If I had any questions or concerns, Rick was always there with either a new direction of thought, calming advice, or at times, a joke to raise my spirits when I needed it.

I don’t remember the exact phone conversation or which meeting it was, but I do remember that I began to realize that I was going to be OK. The world as I knew it was changing, but I would be changing with it. Today, I have a new relationship with a wonderful woman (as Rick told me I would find), my kids still love me very much (as Rick told me they would), and I am looking forward to a different but wonderful life. Rick, thanks are not enough….you truly saved my life! You are a true friend.”

5 Star Review
Joe B.

“Mr. Robert Horton kept me informed every step of the way. Polite and professional, took the time to get the best results. Would definitely seek Mr. Horton again if the need arises.”

5 Star Review
Tana D.

“Mr. Buchanan was a great representative, handled everything professionally, and I highly recommend him in any situation and problem.”

5 Star Review
Tyrell L.

“I appreciated the attentiveness of the Attorneys and other staff that I have spoken with and worked with on a previous case. The whole staff is wonderful in dealing with clients and helping resolve any problems. They made me feel like a top priority. I would recommend them to anyone. if you’re looking for a law firm that goes above and beyond for their clients, then look no further! Trust me! Thank you to everyone and all your hard work!”

5 Star Review
Jennifer H.

“I spoke with Randy last night at a wedding reception concerning legal problems. He was very gracious and spoke to me about it, and I will contact him in the near future to discuss the situation better. He was very informative and a very good listener. I appreciated it very much!”

5 Star Review
Arielle K.

“After a very unfortunate dog bite to my 11-year-old son’s neck, I needed to acquire some good legal advice. I contacted Slater & Zurz and quickly realized I had contacted the right group. Jim Slater and his team took our information and quickly began to process everything promptly and professionally. At the time, I was unsure about hiring a firm almost 200 miles away, but their communications and follow-up to all questions made us feel like they were right next door. I would recommend Slater & Zurz to anyone that needs good professional help. And I certainly plan on hiring them for any future needs.”

5 Star Review
Richard H.

“Our family was referred to this law office to assist in a Consumer Finance matter. I had the pleasure of speaking with Attorney Jim Slater. Attorney Slater listened intently as we explained our concerns, interjecting appropriately to understand details. He provided expert advice that proved helpful to our matter though we could not retain the firm for representation. He went out of his way to reach out to other colleagues for guidance to ensure we were pointed in the right direction. During the call, we felt confident that we were not only speaking to a competent legal representative but one that cared about our interests, legal position, and outcome. We trusted his advice from the consultation and wish we could retain the firm for the trust he built in that conversation alone. Prayerfully, we will not need legal representation in the future, but if we do, we will reach out to Slater & Zurz! Highly recommend!”

5 Star Review
Carla S.

“I have to tell you this is a GREAT law firm. My mom used them when she felt my grandfather Pops died from negligence at a nursing home. Slater & Zurz LLP listened, kept Mom informed, consoled and counseled her, aggressively won the case, and gave her and our whole family closure.

Pops isn’t here, and the only way to get an apology was for them to write the check. Without the expertise of Slater & Zurz LLP, we would never have had closure – I recommend them for anyone who needs a serious attorney and a GOOD attorney.

They left no questions unanswered, and I thank them for helping my mom with this horrific incident!”

5 Star Review
Milton S.

“When my husband contacted our insurance company, they assured him that he did not need to hire an attorney, which set off an alarm. He randomly went to the phone book’s yellow pages and chose Slater & Zurz LLP…. and we are so thankful that he did!

With the help of the entire team of people at Slater & Zurz, especially James Slater and Rick Zurz, we could concentrate on my recovery while they did all the work necessary to handle our case and deal with our insurance company.

They kept us informed of every step they took, asked our advice and opinion, and gave us excellent counsel on how to deal with the situation. They could not have been any more accommodating with visits to our home in the early stages so that I wouldn’t have to travel any more than need be.

They provided words of encouragement during the entire process. They helped us get a settlement from our insurance company to take care of all our expenses, including medical bills, obtaining a new vehicle, and pain and suffering.

The outcome of our legal matter exceeded our expectations. Although it took many months for a settlement, we believe it was fair and have the law office of Slater & Zurz LLP to thank for that. We would certainly use their services again and recommend them to others.”

5 Star Review
Sandy B.