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10 Tips To Help You Win Your Ohio Personal Injury Case

Winning a personal injury case

Personal injury cases aim to hold a negligent party responsible for their actions by deeming them liable for the injuries and other losses they caused. If you or a loved one was injured due to someone else’s negligent actions or inaction, you could seek full compensation for damages.

If you are looking to take legal action against a negligent party, our Columbus personal injury lawyers recommend following these tips to ensure you maintain the right to hold the at-fault party liable and give you the best chances of receiving maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Top 10 Strategies to Help You Win Your Personal Injury Case in Ohio

1. Do Not Talk to the Insurance Company

Some insurance companies are not above trying to avoid or minimize fault in an effort to save money. During your call, they will likely ask you to answer some questions and give a recorded statement. What you say to them can be used against you and hurt your chances of securing your deserved compensation. We always recommend not to speak to the insurance representatives and instead let your attorney handle all communication with them and anyone else involved with your claim.

2. Be Honest and Transparent With Your Personal Injury Attorney

We highly urge you to be 100% honest with your injury attorney. Give the attorney all of the facts, even if you feel something isn’t important, makes you look bad, or might even hurt your case. It is up to your lawyer to figure out what details are relevant as well as develop the most effective legal strategy. They can only do this if they know all of the facts.

3. Keep the Details of Your Case to Yourself

It isn’t uncommon for an accident victim to want to talk about what happened. They call their friends and family, tell their co-workers, and even post about the accident and/or injuries on social media. However, this is not recommended. Insurance companies might try to interview those close to you and view your social media profiles, looking for information that could either minimize their fault or discredit your claims of injuries or losses. It is best to stay quiet so your statements and actions don’t cause you to lose money.

4. Document Everything Relating to Your Case

Evidence is everything in a personal injury case. Proof of what happened and documentation of your injuries and the losses associated with those injuries is critical in ensuring you receive full compensation for your past and future losses. Keep the police report, witness statements, photos, and videos of the car and accident scene, as well as every medical bill, proof of any other accident-related expenses, your medical treatment plan, and documentation showing your lost wages. Without these, you run the risk of receiving a settlement or award for less than what you are actually owed.

5. Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

When you seek medical attention after an accident or injury, your doctor will thoroughly assess the nature and extent of your injuries. Once all injuries have been identified, your physician will determine the best plan of treatment. Treatment can include surgery, physical therapy, medication, and ongoing medical treatment or evaluations. We highly recommend following any plans for treatment your doctor prescribes, as this will increase your chances of a full physical recovery but also show the full extent of your injuries and associated losses.

6. Get a Doctor Who Is On Your Side

Your doctor and their ability and willingness to support the key aspects of your claims will have an integral effect on the outcome of your lawsuit. Make sure you have a reputable doctor who will be viewed as an expert and credible witness. The opinion of a doctor with a good reputation will carry more weight in the courtroom and strengthen your case.

7. Be Patient

Many personal injury cases take a long time to resolve, especially in cases where the damages are significant, there are multiple parties involved, or if fault for the accident is being contested. You will need to be patient with the process and have faith that the matter will be resolved as favorably as possible.

8. You and Your Lawyer Are a Team

It is critical to work together with your lawyer. If you disagree with something they say or do, do not publicly discuss the issue in question. Act as a unified team whenever you are in the company of parties relating to the case. If you want to discuss a matter with your attorney, do so behind closed doors.

9. Be Aware that Your Character May Come Into Play

Insurance companies and their legal counsel will often try to expose flaws in your character, discrediting you and your injury claim. This means you will need to be on your best behavior before and during the legal process.

10. Hire the Right Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Before you hire an injury lawyer, do your due diligence. Research several lawyers and take the time to meet with a few of them before ultimately choosing who will represent you in your personal injury case. The fate of your case rests primarily on your attorney’s skills, resources, and reputation, so you will need to make sure you have the information you need to make the best choice.

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