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The award-winning Toledo truck accident lawyers at Slater & Zurz have over a century of experience helping Truck drivers and victims injured in truck-involved accidents receive the compensation and justice they deserve. We are well-respected within the legal community because we have an exceptionally long history of successfully taking on insurance companies and well-financed corporations.

We have helped our clients receive the compensation they need to recover mentally, financially, and physically from their injuries and have assisted families in getting the justice they need to cope with the wrongful death of their loved ones.

When you need skilled legal representation, experience matters. Not only do we offer our vast expertise and resources, but we also offer your our sincere guidance and thoughtful support throughout the entire process. That is what separates Slater & Zurz LLP from other law firms. We treat our clients like family and fight relentlessly to protect their rights and well-being.

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Statistics on Truck Accidents

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), every year, more than 4,000 Americans die as a result of truck crashes. While approximately 15% of these deaths are typically truck occupants, nearly 70% of those who die are the drivers or passengers of motor vehicles, and another 15% are motorcyclist, bicyclist, and pedestrian fatalities. Of the 4,000 fatalities, almost three-quarters of those occur in collisions with tractor-trailers, and slightly over 25% involve single-unit trucks.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck crashes can happen in a wide variety of circumstances. With their large size and weight, these collisions often leave those involved with catastrophic injuries. Though our team of Toledo truck accident lawyers has handled cases involving nearly every type of crash, some of the more common causes include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Inexperienced driver/lack of training
  • Improper truck maintenance
  • Faulty manufacturing of trucks and/or truck parts

Available Compensation in a Truck Accident Case

Whether you were a driver or occupant of a vehicle involved in a truck collision or a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist hit by a truck, you have the right to seek financial compensation for your injuries and other losses associated with the accident. Every truck accident case is different. However, damages that may be available to you include the following:

  • Medical expenses, such as doctor bills and prescription medications
  • Costs for future medical care and rehabilitation
  • Home and vehicle modifications
  • Assistive care
  • Lost earnings
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost quality of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death damages

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and provide compelling evidence showing fault and carefully assess your past and future medical needs and resulting damages. When we have a complete and accurate assessment of your losses, we can advocate aggressively to obtain maximum financial compensation on your behalf.

What to Do After an Ohio Trucking Accident

The moments after a truck accident can be frightening. You and others involved are likely in shock and may be seriously injured. However, the steps you take immediately following an Ohio trucking accident can significantly affect the extent of your injuries and your right to seek damages from the at-fault parties. Following these steps can ensure your safety and protect your right to compensation.

Get yourself and others out of harm’s way – If you are on the road or in the path of oncoming traffic, move yourself and other crash victims to safety if possible without causing yourself or others further harm.

Call 911 – Once you are safe, call the police. When they arrive, provide an accurate and thorough description of what happened before, during, and after the crash. Make sure you obtain a copy of the police report for your records.

Document the scene – With your cell phone, take pictures and video of the vehicles involved as well as the accident scene. Look for eyewitnesses and ask for their contact information and a brief statement. We also recommend writing down everything you remember about the accident as soon as possible so important details aren’t forgotten or overlooked.

Seek medical attention – Go to a doctor, urgent care, or emergency room immediately after the accident. You may feel fine, but the shock of being involved in an accident often masks the pain. Even if you are unaware of any injuries, getting a thorough medical examination to diagnose and treat all of your truck accident injuries is crucial. Follow your doctor’s orders and keep all medical bills and treatment records.

Do not talk to anyone about the accident – After your accident, you will quickly be contacted by the other party’s insurance company. The adjuster will likely ask you for a recorded or written statement about what happened and the nature and extent of your injuries.

We can’t stress enough that talking to the other party’s insurance company is not a good idea. Leave all communication with all parties related to the accident to your attorney. They will ensure that nothing is said or done that will harm your chances of receiving total compensation for your injuries.

Speak with a truck accident lawyer – Personal injury cases can be complex. However, accidents involving trucks can be even more challenging. There are usually several factors to address and multiple at-fault parties to pursue. An experienced attorney will develop a course of action to protect your rights and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions, getting you the financial compensation you deserve.

How our Toledo Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

After a serious truck accident, you need diligent and experienced legal counsel. With your recovery and future at stake, you need an attorney who will tirelessly protect your best interests and do everything within their power to secure your entitled financial compensation.

At Slater & Zurz, our truck accidents are proactive and relentless in our approach to each of our cases. During the process, we will provide you with the highest level of legal representation by:

  • Continually updating you on all developments in your case
  • Making ourselves available to answer your questions
  • Meticulously investigating the details of your accident to identify and prove the fault
  • Employing our team of medical and financial experts to evaluate your past and future damages accurately
  • Handling all communication with the insurance company or third parties
  • Working with the insurance company to negotiate a favorable settlement
  • Advocating aggressively in court on your behalf, if negotiations do not result in an acceptable settlement

Our attorneys have dedicated our careers to advocating for injured victims across Ohio. We take your unjust situation personally and will use all available courses of action to ensure the parties responsible for your losses are held accountable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accidents
After a truck accident, there are often several at-fault parties. Here are a few examples of liable parties in a truck accident case:
  • The driver
  • Their employer (trucking company)
  • The truck’s maker or parts manufacturer
  • Mechanic or repair shop that worked on the truck
  • The shipping company
  • The truck owner or lessee
  • A government agency (dangerous road conditions)
The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Section 387 requires truck drivers and/or their employers to cover a certain amount of insurance. Depending on the truck’s weight and the type of cargo it transports, the government requires liability insurance ranging from $300,000 to $1,000,000, with up to $5,000,00 in coverage for trucks carrying certain types of hazardous materials.
An experienced truck accident lawyer will investigate the scene of the crash, obtain eyewitness testimony, and review the police report. He or she will also investigate the driver and the trucking company and review data from the truck’s black box if equipped. In more complex cases, your attorney may hire an accident reconstructionist to identify who caused the accident.

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