Meet the Legal Success Team

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James Slater
James SlaterManaging Partner
40+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Jim Slater:

“I choose Jim Slater as my legal representative over 20 years ago based on the recommendation of another attorney. That was the best suggestion I ever had.”

– Michael S.

Richard V. Zurz, Jr.
Richard V. Zurz, Jr.Managing Partner
30+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Rick Zurz:

“Attorney Rick Zurz has represented me since 1984. In every instance, his knowledge of the law, professional approach and no-nonsense negotiating skills have consistently produced positive results for me.”

– B. Koke

John J. Lynett, Jr.
John J. Lynett, Jr.Personal Injury Attorney
20+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About John Lynett:

“Attorney Lynett seemed to understand my point of view. John made sure my case was done quickly and swiftly. I also asked him to handle a case for my daughter. I believe we were treated well and will pass his name along to others.”
– C. Watts

Mark A. Ropchock
Mark A. RopchockAttorney
27+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Mark Ropchock:

“I would like to commend the intelligence, professionalism and courtesy I received. I would highly recommend Slater & Zurz for any legal case.”

– V. Rarrick

Martin Delahunty
Martin DelahuntyNursing Home Abuse Attorney
25+ years of legal experience
Over 500 Ohio nursing home abuse cases
What a Client Says About Martin Delahunty:

“Mr. Delahunty was a superb attorney to work with. He was not only thorough, but he was aggressive when he needed to be and also compassionate. He is one of the most professional individuals I have ever worked with. I would not hesitate to recommend him or use him again.”

– Olson

Jeffrey V. Hawkins
Jeffrey V. HawkinsFamily Law & Divorce Attorney
25+ years of legal experience

“ I recently met with Mr. Hawkins to consider modifying my MSA with regard to child custody and child support. I have been divorced for 4 years. Mr. Hawkins provided me with a better understanding of the legal framework and outlined my options. His fee was reasonable and he gave unbiased recommendations. It was refreshing to meet a lawyer that was not angling to line his pockets. In short, Mr. Hawkins spelled out my options to try an increase the custody days of my son and the nuances of unpaid child support. I will not hesitate to return to Mr. Hawkins to assist me in unscrambling the mysteries of divorce law.”
– C. fuller

Michael Schmeltzer
Michael SchmeltzerPersonal Injury Attorney
11+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Michael Schmeltzer:

“I would definitely recommend Michael to any potential client. He helped me with a personal injury claim and was very responsive, knowledgeable, and he kept me informed on all of my options. I had several questions and there was never one left unanswered. I was very pleased with the monetary outcome also.”

– Elaine Papakonstantinou

Robert Horton
Robert HortonPersonal Injury Attorney
10+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Robert Horton:

“I had Rob Horton handling my car accident case. It was a long 7 months but he kept me informed, answered every question, was very professional. He handled everything from beginning to end. Would highly recommend”

– L.W.

Sean C. Buchanan
Sean C. BuchananCriminal Defense Attorney
5+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Sean C. Buchanan:

“We had a personal injury which Sean Buchanan handled. The case was handled beautifully. We were kept in the the loop through the whole process and we received the settlement that we had hoped for…Thank you Sean and Liza Lash for your professionalism throughout this most difficult time.”

-Mikala Stratton

Brandon M. Dean
Brandon M. DeanAttorney
5+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Brandon M. Dean:

“Once Brandon was on the case, the hospitals quit trying to charge me for things the insurance said they would pay and the insurance company had to deal straight with him. He saved us a lot of additional pain and suffering from an accident that was in no way our fault. I greatly appreciate the thoroughness and comprehensiveness with which our case was handled.”

– Elliott Ingersoll

Silas Pisani
Silas PisaniProbate & Family Law Attorney
4+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Silas Pisani:

“I would highly recommend Silas Pisani to handle my legal needs. He recently took care of a family law matter for me and and my loved one, he was a true blessing and all turned out for our greater good! He was on top of things at all times and I couldn’t have been in better hands or more satisfied!”

– Linda Robinson

Joe Laatsch
Joe LaatschPersonal Injury Attorney
2+ years of legal experience
What a Client Says About Joe Laatsch:

“These guys did a fantastic job for me and my wife, they never dodged a phone call and answered every question I had, I would definitely recommend their services!”

– K.S.