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At Slater & Zurz, we will discuss the fees for our services during a free consultation, based on the type of divorce or dissolution you choose to pursue.

divorce versus dissolution

Divorce vs. Dissolution

Spouses who have decided to go their separate ways have several options to legally end their marriage in the state of Ohio. Depending on their specific circumstances, they may choose to pursue a divorce or a dissolution. If you and your spouse have recently decided to part ways, it is essential to understand the difference …

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Post Judgment Actions in a Divorce

What can happen after a final decree of divorce? In other words, what can happen after a court makes a judgment in a divorce? Can the judgment be modified and changed? Can legal actions be taken if your former spouse is not following the judgment? What about matters concerning child custody? Post Judgment Actions Generally, when …

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Children and an Ohio Divorce

When a parent contemplating a divorce calls our office for a free consultation with one of our domestic relations attorneys, most of the time the main concern is whether or not they will see their children ever again. The answer to this question is absolutely.Ohio Courts are not in the business of severing a relationship between …

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