Toledo Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A sudden catastrophic injury can change your life and the lives of your family members in an instant. The shock and upheaval are new to you, but your Toledo catastrophic injury lawyer understands these dynamics and is committed to helping you during this difficult time.

Aside from the pain and turmoil associated with recovering from such a traumatic event, your ability to provide for your needs and those of your family can be significantly impacted. The physical pain of your injuries is likely matched by the anxiety and depression brought on by these events.

If you or your family members find yourselves in this unfortunate situation, know that Slater & Zurz is equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to help you through this time of uncertainty.

Our personal injury lawyers can file a lawsuit against those responsible for causing your accident and injuries. This can help you secure the financial damages needed to treat your injuries and rebuild your life.

Life of a Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit in Ohio

The process of recovering compensation through a catastrophic injury lawsuit begins with a thorough investigation of the causes of your accident. This investigation will also look into the extent of the harm you suffered and what needs you will likely have in the future.

All of this investigation then leads to the filing of your complaint — formally seeking monetary damages from those responsible for causing your injuries.

The next phase of your case can be called the discovery phase. During this phase, you and your attorney will exchange evidence and information with the responsible parties you have sued.

The goal for each side is to show the other what evidence they have that supports their contentions. Depositions may also be taken from eyewitnesses and others with information about your accident and injuries.

The last stage of a catastrophic injury lawsuit is the trial stage. If you and the responsible parties cannot reach a settlement, a judge or jury will decide whether those you sued owe you compensation. The judge or jury would need to find it is more likely than not that the defendants in your case caused your injuries through careless actions.

At any time, even before a case is filed, you and the responsible parties can settle. With a settlement, you agree to release any legal rights you have against the other side in exchange for the other side paying you a specific sum of money. Settlements are often appealing to both sides in a catastrophic injury lawsuit because they provide certainty and swift closure.

However, settlements are not appropriate in all cases. That is why you need catastrophic injury attorneys in Toledo like Slater & Zurz. We are prepared and skilled in fighting for you at all stages of your case. We use the skills and tools at our disposal to resolve your case as quickly and favorably as possible.

Liability for Catastrophic Injuries in Toledo

You may believe you know who is responsible for causing your injuries. This does not mean that this person is the only one responsible for paying you compensation, however. A thorough investigation may reveal that the careless or wrongful acts of additional individuals, companies, or other entities contributed to your injury accident.

Some of the potentially responsible parties in a catastrophic injury accident include:


If the responsible party hurt you while they were performing work on behalf of their employer, then the employer may be responsible for indemnifying their worker. This means that the employer and their insurer would be responsible for paying you compensation for the wrongful acts of its employee.

There is a difference in the law between an employee and an independent contractor, and some companies may attempt to escape liability by classifying employees as contractors. A skilled personal injury lawyer in Toledo can examine the facts of your case and help safeguard against companies escaping responsibility for their workers’ misdeeds.

Third Parties

Each person is responsible for the consequences of their actions. When the person who crashes into you or injures you does so because a third party acted negligently toward them, then that third party should also be held accountable.

Obtaining as complete a compensation award as possible requires that these third parties be identified and made a part of your lawsuit as well.

Bringing suit at once against all parties who played a role in causing your injury accident helps maximize your time and resources. Doing so can also assist you in obtaining the full amount of compensation you would receive from your case more quickly than bringing suits against each party separately.

Government Entities

Sometimes the state or local government’s missteps or the negligence of one of its officers or employees contributed to your catastrophic injuries.

Failing to properly maintain a roadway or ignoring pleas to install traffic safety devices at a dangerous intersection may lead to a serious auto crash that leaves you or your loved one with a traumatic brain injury or other harm.

There are unique rules that govern the conditions under which a government entity can be sued. Failing to follow these rules precisely can result in a quick dismissal of your claim.

With an experienced Toledo catastrophic injury lawyer assisting you, your claim against the Ohio state government, the Toledo city government, or a government agency has a greater chance of success.

Your Toledo Catastrophic Injury Attorney Is Standing By

Do not put off speaking with a qualified and dedicated catastrophic injury attorney in Toledo.

Even in situations where the evidence points to one person’s or one entity’s responsibility, there are opportunities in the life of any claim that can derail your quest for compensation. An inadvertent misstep or oversight can mean you are precluded from obtaining the compensation you need.

Slater & Zurz, your Toledo catastrophic injury attorneys, dedicates its practice to helping injury victims like you obtain the monetary compensation they need for the harm they have suffered. We handle the insurance companies, and we appear with you in court so that you do not need to stand alone to get what you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, the time to call Slater & Zurz is now. Reach out to us at (419) 658-7171 and schedule a free case evaluation with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Catastrophic injuries defy easy definitions. Generally speaking, catastrophic injuries are severe wounds that affect a major body part, system, or organ and that threaten a major bodily function.

This definition includes but is not limited to traumatic brain injuries, damage to the spinal column and spinal cord, loss of limbs, and harm caused by medical errors and negligence. These serious incidents often present a risk of permanent disability, loss of function, or even death.


The best attorney or law firm to handle your catastrophic injury case is an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer in Toledo. Due to the complexity of calculating damages and the mountains of evidence that need to be collected, reviewed, and effectively utilized, a small firm that handles a variety of cases may not be the best choice for your claim.

Slater & Zurz has decades of combined experience representing personal injury victims in Toledo and throughout Ohio. We have made it our business to provide exceptional advocacy and litigation services to our clients in Toledo.


Every case is unique, and the evidence in one catastrophic case will be different than the evidence available in another. When you book a free, no-cost consultation with Slater & Zurz catastrophic injury attorneys in Toledo, we can review your case in greater detail and provide a more personalized answer.

In general, the greater the amount of evidence documenting your injury and loss, and the more eyewitnesses who saw the accident occur, the greater your chances of succeeding in your claim.