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Thomas & Danielle tell their car accident story

Tim tells the story of his tragic truck accident.

Dog Bites

Sue’s Vicious Dog Attack Story

One day when Sue’s brother-in-law was visiting her home, they brought their dog with them. Out of nowhere, the dog lunged at her sinking his teeth into her left arm, and would not let go causing severe damage to her wrist and upper arm. By the time the attack ended, tendons in Sue’s left hand were destroyed. Listen to her tragic story.

Child Attacked and Mauled By Neighbor’s Dog

This tragic story involves a child that was out playing on her swing when 3 dogs came running at her and started growling and barking. The dogs attacked her and malled her face and ripped into her arms.

Bitten By a Dog? Know Your Rights

Managing partner James Slater answers the question about your rights when you’re bitten by a dog.

What are contingency fees? How much will all this cost?

The Legal Rights Of Dog Bite Victims To Obtain Compensation For Injuries & Damages

Ohio’s dog bite lawyers: Where you can find them and how they help