Winning your motorcycle accident claim for personal injuries!

Riding a motorcycle can be a profoundly exhilarating experience, the embodiment of our freedom as Americans to be who we are and act as we please within the confines of the law. However, this freedom comes with the risk of serious, potentially debilitating or even lethal injuries, caused

Johnson & Johnson Finally Recalls its Baby Powder

For years, despite growing concerns that its baby powder was contaminated with asbestos—a substance known to cause cancer—Johnson & Johnson finally recalled its baby powder after the Food and Drug Administration confirmed the presence of asbestos in that product. Uponannouncement of the recall, the FDA advised consumers with baby

The Consequences of Driving Without Car Insurance in Ohio

Driving in Ohio without valid car insurance or without proof of financial responsibility is illegal. Penalties for this offense are serious, and may vary according to the circumstances. The consequences, however, will compound if you are involved in accident where you are at fault, and you are not

Hurt in a Car Crash, Not at Fault but Uninsured? You May be Covered!

It’s never a good idea to drive without insurance. Even if you never cause an accident, your driver’s license can be suspended if you’re caught driving without insurance. If you do cause a crash, that suspension can be extended indefinitely. But what if you’re uninsured and injured in

If You Were Harmed by a Hernia Mesh Implant, the Time to Sue is Now!

Hernia mesh litigation is gathering momentum in Ohio, with an increasing number of cases being filed. As of June 2019, over 4,600 hernia mesh lawsuits were pending in the federal court system, including over 2,000 cases related to the Ethicon Physiomesh (Johnson & Johnson) and almost 2,500 cases involving

Steps to take legally when bitten by a dog in Ohio

Dog attacks can be very dangerous and even deadly. Proper care after being bitten can even lead to a serious infection. After you are attacked by a dog you should seek medical care immediately, follow the doctors’ orders regarding cleaning, report the dog attack, identify any possible witnesses, and

How Grandparents Get Visitation Rights to See Their Grandchildren in Ohio

Grandparents must file with the court (usually the domestic relations division of the Court of Common Pleas) to get grandparents visitation rights.  In three instances, grandparents legal rights are statutorily protected in Ohio: When married parents terminate their marriage or separate. When a parent of the child is deceased.

Learn About Ohio Dog Bite Law and Dangerous Dog Statutes

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog that belongs to someone else in the State of Ohio, you will probably be entitled to compensation for your injuries. In Ohio, the owner of a dog has strict liability for the control of that animal. This means