Vaping: Viable Option or Ticket to Disaster?

Electronic cigarettes are leading to acute lung injuries. A recent phenomenon—electronic cigarette smoking, also known as “vaping”—is endangering the health of American young people, and has taken the lives of at least 68 individuals, according to statistics released February 4, 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

You can switch attorneys in the middle of a case, at no extra cost.

When you hire someone to do a job for you—a plumber, a mechanic, a doctor, or an attorney—you expect that person to do a good job. Most of us recognize that we can’t expect perfection, but we do expect competence without costly blunders. If a plumber floods your basement

Asbestos’ Legacy: Ovarian Cancer and Mesothelioma

Learning that you or a loved one has cancer can be a devastating diagnosis. If you have been told you have ovarian cancer, you should get a second opinion! You may have mesothelioma—cancer of the lining of the abdominal cavity, caused by long-term exposure to asbestos. Although often associated

If Your Child has Cerebral Palsy, a Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help

Do you think something may not be “right” with your child? Are his or her movements different from those of other children? Cerebral palsy is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and/or other disabilities. It is typically caused by damage to the brain before, during, or shortly after

Talcum Powder Dangers Concealed

Images of baby powder bring to mind infants, innocence and coming out of the shower powdering oneself for a fresh, clean all over feeling. Only in recent years has the public become aware that talcum and baby powder made by trusted manufacturers can be cancer-causing

Hernia Mesh Complications are Basis for Lawsuits

Surgeons in the U.S. perform one million hernia repairs every year, according to the Food and Drug Administration, making this surgery a fairly common practice.   What is also becoming more frequent is the legal action surrounding the use of mesh patches that sometimes fail following hernia repair surgery and

Cerebral Palsy: A Tragic Result of Malpractice Related Birth Injury

Cerebral palsy, a diagnosis no parent wants to hear, generates a whirlwind of questions. How did it happen? Can our child live a normal life, fulfilling all his or her potential? What can we do to secure our child’s future? If the condition resulted from medical malpractice, an experienced

Winning your motorcycle accident claim for personal injuries!

Riding a motorcycle can be a profoundly exhilarating experience, the embodiment of our freedom as Americans to be who we are and act as we please within the confines of the law. However, this freedom comes with the risk of serious, potentially debilitating or even lethal injuries, caused