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How to Sue a Lawyer Ifor Misrepresentation When it is Considered Legal Malpractice

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When you receive less than stellar treatment from a doctor, it’s quite similar to Legal Malpractice. When you’re being represented by an attorney, you expect them to be competent, professional, and capable of providing the best legal advice possible. You have every right to sue your legal team if you feel that you have been misrepresented or that something is amiss during legal proceedings and has caused you a financial loss.

(Important to read the whole article to determine if you have a case.)

When Trust in a Legal Professional is Compromised

Retaining legal counsel can be a very stressful proposition as it is impossible for you to know how a situation is going to play out until it plays out. You placed all of your trust and confidence in that individual and or firm. When you lose the feeling of trust in your attorneys and feel you have been wronged or misrepresented, you may want to pursue legal action against the attorneys who represented you.

You may not want to deal with another legal headache, but some Attorneys can help in this kind of messy situation.

The Slater and Zurz team in Ohio has handled legal malpractice cases for 30+ years. They are the epitome of legal professionalism and have the experience you’ll want to assist you with a legal malpractice claim.

Lawyers are not above the law just because they are in the legal profession. Practicing law does not eliminate them from being held accountable for their negligent actions. You may think it’s a no-win situation, but if you’ve been vigilant during your legal claim and you’ve been keeping documents and information all along, then use this to show how legal malpractice has occurred in your case. You want the best legal help Ohio has to offer, and we at the Law Offices of Slater and Zurz, with offices throughout Ohio, feel that we are at the top of the list, and many of our clients have told us that.

Understanding Legal Malpractice or Legal Misrepresentation

Legal malpractice or legal misrepresentation may occur when you have suffered a loss of potential earnings, an unfair trial, or a claim because your case wasn’t thoroughly presented or there was negligence on your attorneys’ part. The attorney you selected may not have won your case—this doesn’t mean there is necessarily legal malpractice. Legal malpractice occurs when you have suffered a financial loss because your attorney failed to do what good attorneys would do when representing you. If you believe your attorney has committed malpractice by failing in their duties, it’s important to understand the legal remedies available.

Steps to File Suit Against Your Attorney For Legal Malpractice:

Never tell in the attorney you plan on filing suit.

This gives them the advantage of putting together a defense. You never want to let anyone know what your actions will be. An experienced legal malpractice attorney should handle this issue to pursue your claim regarding the legal malpractice that occurred during your trial and/or claim process.

  1. Put a summary together of your legal claim or court case
  2. Prepare a file of all documents used in your case (your own notes, too, not just legal documents)
  3. Call and schedule a free telephone or in-person consultation at a time and place convenient to you.

Consulting with a skilled malpractice lawyer who specializes in this field can provide crucial guidance through this complex process.

Ohio Statute of Limitations on Legal Malpractice

In Ohio, you only have one year to file a claim against the attorney who caused legal malpractice from the time of your last communication with your attorney and longer under certain circumstances.

The attorneys at Slater and Zurz are confident and professional and have 30+ years of experience handling thousands of legal cases that involve many areas of law, some of which involve legal malpractice. We want to help victims of legal malpractice get the compensation they deserve.

Some Attorneys Carry Legal Malpractice Insurance

The State of Ohio requires all attorneys to have legal malpractice insurance. In some rare situations, an attorney may not have legal malpractice insurance but is required to make the client aware prior to their representation. It is similar to insurance that a doctor carries if something were to happen on the operating table.

Some of the Issues Classify as Legal Misrepresentation or Legal Malpractice:

  • Failure to assert the correct legal arguments
  • Missing the statute of limitations
  • Breach of fiduciary duty or breach of contract
  • Violation of ethical standards
  • Any criminal actions
  • Stealing from a client
  • Filing the case after the statute of limitations has passed.
  • Forgetting a court date, deposition, or crucial meeting.
  • Failure to obtain crucial evidence.

You Need Proof of Legal Malpractice and How You Were Wronged

Ensuring that you possess the necessary evidence is crucial when determining whether or not you have the basis for filing suit against anyone, let alone a legal team. Anything you can show on paper that can be substantiated a claim helps tremendously.

If you can show your case would have gone in your favor when it didn’t, this is the information that your legal malpractice attorney will need to prove your new claim. If you can show a paper trail that proves what happened, this will help the lawyers at Slater and Zurz bring a claim for legal malpractice on your behalf.

Did Your Ohio Attorney Do Any of the Following?

These are some questions that you may ask yourself to see if you have a legal malpractice claim. There are many others you could ask yourself, but you get the idea. If you answer yes to any of these, you need to contact Slater and Zurz with your case information and provide the proof so they can assist you with your claim. Consider if there were instances of your lawyer failing to meet legal standards or neglecting key responsibilities in your case.

  • Did they steal money from you?
  • Were enough “discovery” questions answered?
  • Did they throw out my claim before the statute of limitations ran out?
  • Was a settlement forced before a trial?
  • Did they not sufficiently prepare before your trial?
  • Did they force me into a settlement and make me take less money?

Slater and Zurz Legal Team in Ohio Take Action on Legal Malpractice Claims

If your attorney has caused any of these issues, you need to find a trusted attorney group today. Slater and Zurz offer you a free consultation to discuss your claim. They work on contingency fees only if they feel your case has merit.

Never wait to call to get quality legal help. The Law Offices of Slater and Zurz in Ohio can take action on your legal malpractice claim.