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Most Dangerous Intersections in Akron, Ohio for Car Accidents

car accidents in Akron Ohio

When traveling on any roadway, there is always some level of risk of being involved in an accident. However, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the inherent risk is significantly higher when traveling through or near an intersection.

Although state and federal agencies work hard to make our intersections as safe as possible, some in every city are more prone to serious car accidents, and Akron is no different. In this article, we will take a look at the top 20 most dangerous intersections in Akron, what contributes to the high likelihood of an accident occurring in intersections, and what to do if you were involved in an accident while driving or walking through an intersection.

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Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections in Akron

RankIntersectionCrashesSerious InjuriesFatalities
1Maple St. and Cedar St.23170
2Dart Ave. and Opportunity Pkwy.21170
3Main St. and Tallmadge Ave.18131
4Cedar St. and Rand Ave.18170
5Maple St. and Rhodes Ave.26130
6Kelly Ave. and Triplett Blvd.15150
7Tallmadge Ave. and Howard St.18140
8Exchange St. and Dart Ave.19121
9High St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.17160
10Perkins St. and Goodkirk St.14150
11Broadway St. and Thornton St.2790
12Howard St. and North St.17110
13Hilbish Ave. and Waterloo Rd.17120
14Tallmadge Ave. and Brittain Rd.23100
15Main St. and Market St.16110
16Cedar St. and Akron General Ave.2490
17Manchester Rd. and Waterloo Rd.14120
18Cedar St. and Dart Ave.9120
19Market St. and High St.12110
20Broadway St. and Mill St.11120

Why Intersections Pose a Higher Risk of Collisions

So why do so many serious accidents occur in or around intersections? A variety of factors contribute to the increased risk of accidents and injuries at these locations including:

  • Poor design – Accidents can occur when a road or intersection isn’t properly designed. Examples include blind curves, steep shoulders, poor guardrail placement, and low median barriers.
  • Missing, inaccurate, or confusing road signs – If a motorist isn’t adequately informed of the traffic patterns or conditions, they can proceed into an intersection when they shouldn’t and strike a pedestrian, cyclist, or motor vehicle.
  • Malfunctioning, nonfunctioning, or traffic signals – Busy intersections can be chaotic and confusing. When an intersection’s signals aren’t working properly or functioning at all, traffic will not be properly controlled, which can lead to a serious accident.
  • Poor visibility – Inadequate lighting, a sharp bend in the road, and unclear road markings all lead to poor visibility.
  • Failure to yield – When a driver does not yield to an oncoming car or pedestrian in a crosswalk, the results can be devastating.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol – A drunk or drugged motorist is highly likely to cause a motor vehicle accident because their perception and ability to react are highly impaired.
  • Distracted driving – Many crashes are caused by a motorist who is distracted while using their cell phone, eating or drinking, or changing their music.
  • Speeding and other forms of reckless driving – Aggressive driving, such as running red lights, unsafe passing, and illegal turns, can often lead to intersection crashes.

What to Do After an Akron Car Accident

Regardless of how or where your accident happens, a collision can catch you off-guard. But it is important to remember that what you do immediately following a crash can affect your health, safety, and right to seek compensation. That is why our Akron car accident attorneys recommend taking the following steps following an accident:

  • Get to safety – If you can, move out of the intersection and to the side of the road or sidewalk. If it is safe to do so, help others involved to safety.
  • Call 911 – To ensure emergency medical technicians and officers are dispatched to the scene, you will need to call the police and report the accident.
  • Tell the officer what happened – Give a thorough, accurate, and honest account of what took place. Tell the officer everything you can remember, and be sure to retain a copy of the police report for your records.
  • Do not apologize – Many car accident victims tend to say they are sorry for the accident – even in cases where they were not to blame for the crash. Avoid apologizing or taking any blame for the accident and try not to talk about the accident to anyone but your Akron personal injury lawyer.
  • Seek medical treatment – You will need to see a doctor even if you feel your injuries are minor. Many can go unnoticed for days and even weeks, so be sure to get a thorough medical examination to diagnose and treat all of your injuries.
  • Speak to a personal injury attorney – To protect your right to compensation, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney right away. They will tell you if you have a case and what actions to take to increase your chances of securing maximum compensation.

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