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E-Scooter Accidents Have Risen Sharply

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The ability to weave in and out of traffic is one of the great appeals of using electric scooters, but therein lies the problem and why accidents are on the rise.

In the last decade, there were more than 100,000 e-scooter-related injuries reported, according to data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, with head and neck injuries making up nearly 28 percent of those injuries.

At a brisk 15 mph, rentable e-scooters have been zipping around towns and cities all across the country through ridesharing companies, with operations expanding significantly in the last five years. Private e-scooters can top the nation’s average speed limit of 55 mph, with some even clocking in at nearly 100 mph.

And when these motorized scooters collide with a car, the rider often suffers significant injuries. That’s where Slater & Zurz can help. If you were driving an e-scooter and were struck by a car and were not at fault, you could be entitled to compensation.

The rideshare company has attempted to insulate itself from liability, but mechanical failures such as faulty brakes or wheels could result in legal claims against the rental company or manufacturer.

Laws For Operating E-Scooters

In most cases, e-scooter laws mirror those put in place for mopeds. The most common minimum age in the nation for e-scooter riding on public roadways is 16, but private owners are sometimes much younger. Helmets are typically required below the age of 18 but vary from state to state. When renting through rideshare, a driver’s license is usually required.

But, as many people have seen, many riders do not use helmets, or any other safety equipment, and enforcement of the laws is difficult for police.

And while the uptick in use has resulted in many more accidents involving e-scooters, it has opened up a new liability track – largely due to the severity of the injuries being sustained.

What Do The Doctors Say?

A Henry Ford Health System study found a correlation between e-scooter use and significantly more head and neck injuries. In fact, nearly a third of all scooter injuries are to the head and neck, the study found.

That’s because a scooter driver is completely exposed and without the benefit of the safety features included in a traditional car.

E-scooters have become an extremely popular mode of transportation in cities and on college campuses nationwide. As part of the micro-mobility movement, many have called e-scooters the future of urban transportation.

But, with this increased progression, the Henry Ford study found that serious injuries are mounting. And while the most common injuries are those to the head and neck, other injuries include:

  • Internal organs, including brain injuries, 32.5%
  • Lacerations, 24.9%
  • Contusions and abrasions, 15.6%
  • Concussions, 11.1%
  • Fractures, 7.8%

Physician authors of the Henry Ford study highly recommend wearing a helmet and applying the same approach to e-scooters as one would to driving a car.

The study’s authors offered these safety tips for reducing your risk for injury:

  • Wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads
  • Wear proper clothing that doesn’t constrict the body or that flows so loosely that it could become entangled
  • Understand the E-scooters specs, features, and capabilities
  • Always obey traffic laws and don’t allow yourself to become distracted
  • Watch out for other riders, pedestrians, cars, and other obstacles

If You Believe You Have A Case, Slater & Zurz Can Help

Much like accidents involving pedestrians, e-scooter claims can be brought against the negligent party’s insurance company. If you were injured and not at fault after being hit by a car while operating an e-scooter, call us. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Slater & Zurz can walk you through your options and next steps.

If your e-scooter rental was involved in an accident resulting in injury after the machine malfunctioned in some way, we’d like to talk to you. You could be entitled to significant compensation.

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