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8 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer after an Accident in Columbus

Many times people are in an automobile accident, and the last thing they think about is getting legal help. They have no car to drive to work or to complete errands essential to family life. They may have been injured so badly that they can’t work. Without their normal good health and their vehicle, their life is in a state of disarray.

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The victim may realize they are injured but are so preoccupied they think they don’t have time to seek treatment. This could be a grave mistake. They are not even sure what caused the accident. It’s possible that a person may not need a car accident lawyer, but they should definitely have any possible injury checked out after a vehicular accident and at least try to find out who has been deemed at fault. Remember, if the police cite a particular driver, this does not necessarily mean law enforcement’s assessment of the accident is correct.

For example, in a motorcycle-car accident, the motorcyclist was initially cited for failure to yield, but further investigation of witnesses to the crash by a relative of the motorcyclist and an attorney revealed the car’s driver was at fault, and the police citation was reversed. The motorcyclist eventually won a personal injury settlement in the crash.

If any of the below-listed situations apply to you and an accident you were involved in, you may want to think about contacting a Columbus personal injury attorney.

1. There is a Need to Collect Evidence to Prove Liability in the Crash.

Collecting evidence about what happened in an accident is crucial to determining if a driver may have been negligent and who is, therefore, liable for the crash. Evidence such as the “black box” recorder can tell how fast a car was going when the accident occurred and whether the driver was wearing a seatbelt can often only be obtained by court order.

If possible, the driver should collect evidence at the accident scene, such as photos and the names of witnesses, but if the driver is seriously injured, he or she probably won’t be able to do this. Car accident victims often face the challenge of collecting crucial evidence at the scene, a task made difficult if they are seriously injured.

2. You Need Someone Skilled at Evaluating Damages and Determining the True Value of Your Injury.

Once evidence is collected, it must be evaluated. Attorneys generally have many resources to build a case that the average person does not have. They include hiring medical experts to validate the seriousness of injuries and having accident reconstruction specialists recreate the accident scene.

The lawyers must gather all medical records from various sources and obtain the accident report—sometimes not as easy as it sounds.

Insurance company representatives are skilled at convincing injured people to accept a low compensation offer. A Slater & Zurz Columbus, car accident lawyer, will work to ensure you receive compensation for all your losses, including past and future medical bills, current lost wages, and lost future income, as well as the pain and suffering you have experienced from the crash injuries. When you present your case to them, the car accident lawyers will provide you with the amount you should expect to receive in damages at trial or settlement.

3. You Need Someone Who Can Dispute an At-Fault Driver Who Claims They are Not Responsible for the Accident.

Sometimes, a driver at fault in an accident will try to shift the blame and assert that it was not their negligence that caused the crash. A Slater & Zurz attorney will review the evidence to determine who was at fault. They will build a strong case on your behalf.

There are cases where personal injury lawyers discover in the course of their investigation that their client contributed to the cause of the crash. The client can still be compensated even if he was partially at fault or, in legal terms, “contributorily negligent.”

4. You Need Someone Knowledgeable About Ohio Law and How Insurance Policies Work.

Slater & Zurz’s personal injury lawyers in Columbus are very familiar with Ohio personal injury law, Ohio insurance law, and the defenses to negligence often presented. They know how to mitigate these defenses best and will file a lawsuit for you if necessary. The attorney knows his way around the courtroom and the procedures that need to be followed to bring a personal injury claim. This does not come second nature to the average person who is not usually aware of court filing deadlines, etc.

A Slater & Zurz, car accident attorney, acts for your benefit throughout the process. He will make sure your side of the story is heard. He will ensure you comply with all procedural requirements related to your case. He is your advocate. A Slater & Zurz car accident attorney is well-versed in navigating the complexities of insurance claims, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process.

5. You Need Someone Knowledgeable about the Settlement Process.

Insurance adjusters negotiate insurance settlements on a full-time basis. They fight for the best interests of the insurance company. Your Slater & Zurz attorney has considerable experience as a negotiator, so you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

Settlements require you to give up some rights. Your lawyer will explain your rights and the extent of your injuries and will caution you about accepting an inadequate amount in a settlement. Once you sign a settlement agreement, it is almost impossible to change it. During the settlement process, your attorney will meticulously handle your car accident claim to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve including past and future medical expenses.

6. You Need Someone Who Can Offer You a Contingency Plan.

Often, a personal injury victim has a big fight ahead, and that fight will cost a considerable amount of money. Slater & Zurz car accident lawyers in Columbus have the necessary resources to fight your fight for you, and they will offer you a “contingency plan” for payment of your legal bills.

This means the law firm will pay the upfront costs of collecting evidence, investigating the accident, and hiring the experts they will need to proceed with the case. The law firm will not make any money from your case unless you do. They get paid when you get paid. Of course, if the case is not won, and this doesn’t happen often, no one is paid, but you do not have to “front” the cost of suing someone for their negligent actions.

7. Your Lawyer Should Make Sure You Understand the “Statute of Limitations” on Personal Injury in Ohio.

There are time limits that can bar you from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. In Ohio, you must file two years from the date “the cause of action accrues.” The legal definition of accrues is “to come into existence as an enforceable claim or right,” therefore, it is possible to have a claim that was not discovered until after the statute of limitations deadline.

In this case, the time to file could be extended, but the plaintiff should not take it for granted that he will be granted an extension. The victim should see an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

8. If You Were Seriously Injured or in a Multi-Vehicle Crash or Your Work Status is Permanently Altered, Don’t Think Twice About Hiring an Attorney.

The above are all examples of things that won’t go away in a few weeks, and in the case of altered work status, the victim’s life may never be as it was before the crash, and he or she may be unable to provide for their family financially.

The aftermath of the accident results, and trying to get fair compensation for injuries could potentially go on for a long time. Handling all this without an experienced Columbus injury attorney is almost unthinkable. In cases where the accident impacts your work status long-term, having a knowledgeable attorney is essential for securing your future financial well-being. In the case of a multi-car crash, several individuals and vehicles may be involved, and sorting out faults can be very difficult.

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