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7 Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Might Not Assist After Your Car Accident


Accidents are unforeseen events that can change our lives in an instant. Often, victims look to a personal injury lawyer to help them navigate the complex world of accident compensation. However, there might be times when, despite your best intentions, a personal injury lawyer may not be able to help with your car accident case. Let’s delve deeper.

1. No Negligence from Another Party

For a personal injury lawyer to fight for your claim, there needs to be clear evidence of negligence by another party. If you, unfortunately, got into a solo accident or if there isn’t proof of another party’s recklessness, a legal pursuit becomes challenging.

2. Minor Injuries

Sometimes, life blesses us with near-misses where injuries are minimal. While such events can still be traumatic, the damages might not be substantial enough to warrant the time, effort, and resources required in a legal battle. A personal injury attorney might deem such cases unviable for litigation.

3. Delayed Legal Action

There’s a time limit, known as the statute of limitations, within which you must file a personal injury claim. In Ohio, you typically have two years from the date of the accident. Failure to adhere to this timeline means your right to sue can be forever lost.

4. Lack of Insurance or Assets

Your claim’s success might heavily rely on the other party having insurance or assets to pay the damages. If the at-fault individual lacks these, even a successful judgment might not yield any financial compensation.

5. The Other Party is Judgment-Proof

It’s one thing to win a judgment; it’s another to collect on it. Some individuals have so little in the way of assets or income that they’re deemed “judgment-proof.” In such instances, pursuing a case might be a fruitless endeavor.

6. Disproportionate Legal Costs

At times, the damages you’re aiming to recover might be dwarfed by the cost of hiring a lawyer. If your potential compensation is substantially less than legal fees, a personal injury lawyer might advise against moving forward.

7. Case Already Settled

If you’ve previously settled the case with another lawyer, legally binding agreements might bar any further action. This makes it impossible for another personal injury lawyer to reopen the matter.

Additional Reasons

The complexity of the Case: Some cases, due to their intricate nature, might not be suitable for every personal injury lawyer. They might feel they lack the expertise or resources to handle them.

Conflict of Interest: If a personal injury lawyer has any relationship with the opposing party, they’ll likely recuse themselves from the case.


Life following an accident can be overwhelming, and while a personal injury lawyer often proves to be an invaluable ally, there are circumstances where they might not be able to assist. It’s crucial to understand these situations to set realistic expectations and make informed decisions.

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