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Why Slater & Zurz is the best choice for referrals

In the legal world, referrals don’t come easy, and they don’t come cheap – nor should they.

As the one making the referral, your reputation is on the line. As the one receiving it, you need to have the pedigree – a proven track record of success. You have to earn it.

There’s a reason why firms like Slater & Zurz so often get the call. They have that pedigree … and they know it. That kind of confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of proven results – a reputation of competence and a complete understanding of what needs to be done. How do they know? They’ve been there, time after time. They’ve handled tens of thousands of cases like yours and know where and how to attack.

“We were all new to practicing law at one point, which is one reason why referrals happen, so more experienced firms can step in a help win cases,” says Jim Slater, senior managing partner at Slater & Zurz. “We’ve been at this a long time and know what we’re doing. We know how to win.”

In some situations, experienced attorneys just aren’t experienced at what their client needs.

So you have a client whose life has been upended in the blink of an eye. They’ve been hurt in a car accident. One of the first things they did was contact you, their longtime family attorney. You’ve been with this family for years, through thick and thin. They trust you.

But you don’t specialize in personal injury situations and know right away your client is going to need a firm that does. Experts are going to be needed, investigators, specialists, and you know that all those things cost money.

Because they trust you, you want to refer your client to a firm you know is going to handle them with care, who has the resources to see the case through to the end – one like Slater & Zurz – who will front all those costs in their commitment to winning.

As your client’s trusted family attorney and co-counsel with Slater & Zurz, you’re still in charge. Whether it’s a motor vehicle accident, nursing home negligence, legal malpractice, or any of the many areas of practice Slater & Zurz specializes in, you and your client are in capable hands. In addition to a lucrative referral fee, you are there every step of the way to ensure your client gets the absolute best care and attention.

“Their client is going to be in the best possible situation for the greatest economic benefit,” Slater says. “You want a high-powered, experienced injury law firm representing your client, and you get paid very well no matter your level of input.”

Just like their clients, colleagues know Slater & Zurz is a well-funded, established premier firm capable of going the distance. They’re committed in every way a firm can be. They’re committed to winning for your client, never settling before it’s right, to making sure all parties get what they deserve.

You know us. You know there’s no quit in this firm. Slater & Zurz checks all the boxes. We want the call.