As more and more motorcycles appear in the springtime, so do the motorcycle accidents throughout Ohio.

On Saturday afternoon, April 12, a 54-year-old Athens, Ohio motorcyclist was killed in a crash with an oncoming van when he crossed the centerline at Stage Coach Road. Police said the motorcycle driver was not wearing a helmet. On Friday night, April 11, a fatal motorcycle crash closed a portion of I-70, east of I-270, west of Columbus, shortly after 8 p.m. The van driver was not injured.

More April Motorcycle Accidents in Different Parts of Ohio

Another recent fatal accident occurred Sunday, April 6 on State Route 57 in Grafton. A motorcyclist and his passenger, Robert and Jolene Willis, both of Columbia Township, were killed when Robert Willis, the driver of the motorcycle, allegedly pulled in front of a car. The two riders were both 37 years old and were the parents of five children.

Also on April 6, a 22-year-old man, Zachary Delauter, was ejected from his motorcycle in Toledo after reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed at Byrne Road and Heatherdowns. Delauter was declared dead at the scene. No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

In north Columbus, a 26-year old motorcyclist, Christopher Mitchell, was involved in a crash Tuesday afternoon, April 8 near Indianola Avenue and Acton Road. Specifics regarding the one-vehicle crash were not immediately available, but it is believed Mitchell lost control of the bike, crashed and died.

In Youngstown on Tuesday, April 1, a motorcyclist was killed at the Glenwood Avenue exit ramp off I-680. The motorcyclist apparently lost control on the ramp and flew off the bike into the guard rail. No one else was involved in the collision.

In 2012, 162 Ohio motorcycle riders became fatalities. The Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) reported that 54% of motorcycle crashes resulted from driver error on the part of the motorcyclist and another 47.6% were alcohol-related. Six years ago in 2007, there were 189 deaths, but only 37.8% were attributed to biker error and 38.62% were determined to be alcohol-related, according to ODPS.

Not surprisingly, in 2012, of the 162 killed, 74% of those individuals were reported not wearing a helmet. In Ohio, a motorcyclist is not required to wear a helmet unless he is under 18 years old or has had his driver’s license less than one year. If the operator is required to wear a helmet, the passenger must also wear one.

Insurance Institute Gives Tips to Motorcycle Riders

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) notes three areas in which motorcycle accidents could be reduced. Nationally, the number of fatalities is actually lower than in 2008. The Institute views wearing a helmet as the most important act one can perform when riding a motorcycle. It decreases severe head injuries by 37% and decreases the possibility of death.

Having an antilock brake system is also important, according to the Institute. A lockup of the brakes could cause a serious fall for the motorcyclist. The rate of crashes for those with antilock brakes is 31% lower than those who do not have such a system, according to IIHS.

The type of motorcycle you drive could also heighten your chances of becoming a fatality. Supersport motorcyclists have a death rate four times than that of other bikers. Sport motorcycle drivers have double the death rate of those with a standard or cruiser motorcycle. The hazard for the sports bikes lies in the light weight of the bikes coupled with the high horsepower engines which can reach more than 160 miles per hour.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle crash due to the negligence of another person, it is likely you or your loved one may have suffered serious injury and may need legal help to proceed with recovering for those injuries. Or, worse case scenario, a crash may involve a death and a family may need assistance with a wrongful death lawsuit.

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