Common Sense Tips on Preventing Car Accidents

Picture this.  You are peacefully asleep in bed after having a pretty good and uneventful day.  Suddenly, the silence is shattered by the loud and intrusive ringing of the telephone at 3 am.  You jump up to answer it with your heart in your throat and chills creeping up

Car Accident Attorneys

There are several types of car accidents that you may receive multiple types of injuries from, but the insurance company doesn’t care about you as much as you think that they do. Getting a reputable Car Accident Attorney in Ohio will be the best move you can make in

How Much Is Your Car Worth After a Car Accident?

Any Ohio citizen with a driver’s license has probably dealt with one of the following three scenarios: selling their used car; trading-in a used car; dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident Whether an Ohioan is trying to sell an old clunker, looking to upgrade their vehicle or

What to Expect and Bring to the Divorce Lawyer’s Office

Going to a divorce lawyer’s office for the first time can be a very difficult experience. Your lawyer will try to help you get through this difficult time, but, at the same time, lawyers can only help you if they have all of the information that they need. So

How Long Will It Take To Get a Divorce in Ohio?

Although this seems like a simple question, unfortunately there is no simple answer.  There are many variables to be considered from the time you begin the divorce process to the time the final order is signed.  The biggest variables are: 1. Where you file your divorce (in what Ohio county).  Each

Your Motorcycle Accident Claim: Aim to Win!

Motorcycle crashes are often violent events. More than 80% of all reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death to the motorcyclist. Operating a motorcycle requires more skill and coordination than driving a car, just as operating a two-wheeled bicycle requires more skill than riding a tricycle. For the