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The History of Blimps in Akron, Ohio (Part 3)

As previously noted in The History of Blimps in Akron, Ohio (Part 1) and The History of Blimps in Akron, Ohio (Part 2), blimps and airships were a large part of Akron’s history as well as the world’s.Notable blimps achieving notoriety were the USS Akron and USS Macon; the Pilgrim, which was used for advertising; the Shenandoah, which crashed in southern Ohio; the Graf Zeppelin, which made the … [Read more...]

The History of Blimps in Akron, Ohio (Part 2)

As noted previously in The History of Blimps in Akron, Ohio (Part 1) article, Goodyear built and operated the first U.S. commercially licensed blimp in 1925. That first Goodyear blimp, which was used for advertising was Pilgrim, which was also the first blimp to fly with safe helium rather than flammable hydrogen. The Pilgrim touched down on the roof of the M. O’Neil Co. building in Akron, Ohio in … [Read more...]

My Car Accident Story of How a Drunk Driver with No Insurance Suddenly Changed My Life

This is an account of an incident that happened in my life in 2009. I’m sharing the details of the incident as well as the outcome to relate my relationship with the law firm of Slater & Zurz, LLP and how they were responsible in helping my husband and I when we were in a most precarious situation. We will be eternally grateful for their help and guidance.I am a retired librarian, having … [Read more...]

The History of Blimps in Akron, Ohio (Part 1)

Chances are if you grew up in Akron, Ohio you have heard and/or seen a Goodyear blimp “up close and personal” or at least closer and more frequently than the rest of the country. We are truly lucky to have these “Giants of the Sky,” as they are often referred to, in our backyard. Important Part of Akron History On October 21, 2016, Savannah James, wife of LeBron James christened the newest … [Read more...]

Attorneys Michael Schmeltzer, Brandon Dean, and Rob Horton Named 2017 Ohio Rising Stars

We are pleased to announce Slater & Zurz LLP attorneys Michael Schmeltzer, Brandon Dean, and Rob Horton have all been selected as 2017 Ohio Rising Stars.The Rising Stars list is developed annually using a multiphase selection process patented by Super Lawyers, a highly credible and impartial rating system that identifies outstanding lawyers.All attorneys who are considered for the … [Read more...]

Ohio Supreme Court Says Damages Should Be Capped in Case of Teen Raped by Pastor

The Ohio Supreme Court last Wednesday ruled against a teenage victim of sexual assault asserting that the girl’s constitutional rights were not violated because Ohio’s damage cap on noneconomic damages does not allow additional recovery in her personal injury case.The court said the emotional injuries of plaintiff, Jennifer Simpkins, who was 15 at the time she was raped by her 46-year-old … [Read more...]

Many Questions About New Marijuana Laws

Voters in four more states - California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada - voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana on Election Day for a total of eight states changing their laws to alter what was formerly criminal activity in some locations. Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska are the other four states where “pot” is available for both medicinal and recreational use.A proposal for … [Read more...]

Link Between Bullying and Teen Suicide

Every generation’s youth faces different challenges. Today’s youth are no different. One of the challenges they face today is bullying. And with the increase of technology use in communications today we also now have cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when one person does the bullying behind a computer screen. Sending cruel messages and spreading rumors with anonymity is now commonplace. No wonder … [Read more...]

Not Too Late for Victims of C8 To Take Action

Every day people who live in the Mid-Ohio Valley are being diagnosed with chemical exposure related illnesses brought on by DuPont’s large scale use of a toxic solvent historically used in the manufacture of Teflon and hundreds of other consumer applications.It is not too late for victims to avail themselves of the rights and privileges afforded under a 2004 class action settlement agreement – … [Read more...]

Admissibility of Electronic and Digital Evidence in Court

Because electronic and digital data is a relatively new field, laws dictating the validity of this evidence are not widely known. Judge Emily Miskel of the 470th District Court in Collin County, Texas quotes the ruling in a recent Texas murder case in her 2015 paper, “Admissibility of Digital Evidence in a Family Case:”“There is no specific procedure for authenticating each piece of electronic … [Read more...]