Ohio Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic head injuries are one of the most common contributing factors to disability and death. Brain injuries of all types can be devastating, causing lasting trauma and long-term challenges for the victim and their family.

Suppose you or a loved one has experienced any brain injury, including a concussion, brain damage, hypoxia, or head trauma, resulting from someone else’s negligence. Contact our Ohio brain injury attorney to review your case for free.

Traumatic Brain Injury is on the rise. On an average day, 155 people die in America from injuries that include a TBI.

Slater & Zurz is an Ohio personal injury firm with more than 30 years of experience in getting the results our clients need and deserve, achieving over $500 million in settlements and verdicts. Our team of experienced Ohio brain injury Attorneys understands the physically and emotionally challenging circumstances a family faces when a loved one has experienced this type of injury. Contact us today to discuss your case for free.

Types and Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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Even a seemingly minor injury to the brain can have devastating consequences. There are many reasons why and how brain injuries occur, and while those circumstances may be unintentional, negligence is often a factor even if harm wasn’t intended.

There are also many cases where a brain injury results from an Intentional action, such as a physical or sexual assault or other deliberate attacks. Slater & Zurz handle all types of Ohio brain injury cases, bringing years of experience to the table in navigating Ohio laws, dealing with insurance companies and medical providers, and working to achieve results for our clients no matter how long it takes.

Causes of Brain Injuries

Here are just a few common causes of brain injury. These circumstances can result in terrible, long-term consequences or can result in death or permanent disability.

  • Falls, including falling from a structure such as on a construction Jobsite
  • Car, truck, or other motor vehicle accident
  • Motorcycle or bicycle accident
  • Contact sports injury (e.g., hockey, football)
  • Assault, including sexual and physical assault
  • Blunt trauma, accidental or intentional
  • Medical malpractice, such as oxygen deprivation
  • Explosions

Types of Brain Injuries

While there are many different subcategories and types, generally speaking, there are two brain injuries: closed brain injuries and penetrating brain injuries. Closed brain injuries typically are a result of some trauma, such as a car accident. They can include a concussion, contusion or bruise, hemorrhage, hematoma or clotting, and edema or swelling. Oxygen deprivation can also lead to incredibly tragic, “unseen” closed brain injuries, resulting in ABI or Acquired Brain Injury. ABI includes strokes, tumors, hypoxia (oxygen deprivation), anoxia (no oxygen at all), and near-drowning incidents.

Penetrating brain injuries are typically from an object penetrating the skull, such as a knife or bullet. Penetrating brain injuries can also occur in a motor vehicle or construction accident.

Brain injuries range from mild to severe:

  • A mild brain injury means the victim is confused or disoriented for a time but recovers.
  • A moderate brain injury is usually the result of some force, such as a car accident or violent shaking. While some people recover fully from these injuries, others can have debilitating, devastating long-term consequences.
  • Severe brain injuries often mean there is no return to the person’s status before the accident or incident. These are usually the result of a dramatic incident such as a severe concussion or crush injury causing an open head wound, though closed brain injuries can also be severe. This type of injury can cause short- or long-term consequences and increase the risk of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Compensation for an Ohio Brain Injury

When your brain injury results from someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation to pay for expenses you incur and the pain and suffering you have experienced. Our Ohio brain injury attorneys seek to recover expenses in categories that include:

  • Medical expenses. This includes reimbursement for any tests, medical treatment, physical and mental therapy, short and long-term care, and any other rehabilitation costs related to the injury. These costs can become very high due to the long-term treatment needs of many brain injury patients.
  • Lost wages. This covers time away from work due to the accident or incident that caused your brain injury, as well as the time you have to miss from work to seek treatment, including hospitalization, doctor appointments, tests, and rehabilitation visits.
  • Loss in potential earnings. If your brain injury has left you unable to work or unable to perform at a job to the capacity you could before the incident, you might be able to be compensated for the loss of expected earnings you were counting on as the injured party continued through life. We have years of experience in valuing this type of loss and calculating future earning potential.
  • Loss of consortium. Your spouse may be entitled to compensation due to the loss of your normal, regular participation in their lives.
  • Pain and suffering. In this category, we use our experience in working these types of personal injury cases to arrive at a figure that is intended to compensate for your physical pain as well as your inability to lead a normal life after the incident due to factors like cognitive impairment, personality changes or loss of certain abilities or functions.

Why Hire an Ohio Brain Injury Law Firm?

When you are reeling from the emotional and physical toll a brain injury takes on a family, it can be difficult to focus on healing and trying to move forward. Medical bills, calls and communications from insurance companies, and taking care of your loved one and the family can be all-consuming and overwhelming.

In some instances, those involved in causing a brain injury might try to encourage you to move past it, or they might try to pretend it never happened. Our experienced team of Ohio traumatic brain injury attorneys understands how to ensure the victim is properly evaluated, treated, and cared for no matter what level of brain injury they have. If someone else is at fault for the injury you or your loved one sustained, we will pursue justice with an unwavering commitment to results.

The Ohio brain injury attorneys at Slater & Zurz are focused not only on getting results but on compassionate concern for our clients and their families. We want to relieve your stress and will work tirelessly to resolve your case with the best possible outcome, no matter how long it takes.

We want to alleviate your stress, not add to it. That is why when we take on a brain injury case, we work on a contingency basis. This means we don’t get paid unless and until you do, as we are paid from a percentage of any funds recovered for our clients.

Brain injuries can be caused by a wide variety of accidents, including car accidents, falls, and sports-related injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to compensation. The first step in seeking compensation is to contact an experienced Ohio brain injury lawyer. Call (888) 534-4850 or reach out to us online to get started.