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Lachelle M
10:53 13 Aug 19
I had Rob Horton handling my car accident case. It was a long 7 months but he kept me informed, answered every question, was very professional. He handled everything from beginning to end. Would highly recommend
cassie delorso
21:00 12 Aug 19
John was very easy to work with and he really took the time to help me understand the process I would be going through with my accident. If I would call and leave a message he was fast to respond back. I would definitely use him again in the future if I needed to!
Steve Linn
14:52 01 Aug 19
Mr . Lynett has done a fantastic job at handling my lawsuit. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer. Everyone at this firm has been absolutely fantastic.
Debbie Prinz
15:10 23 Jul 19
Slater and Zurz is a unique blend of a professional blue-chip law firm with a highly personalized, friendly approach to the complicated process of law. They are clearly knowledgeable in a broad range of legal matters, but took the time to explain each process in plain English. They communicated regularly with us. They showed care and empathy for our situation. And when a situation called for a fast response, they were completely on top of the matter. I highly recommend Slater and Zurz as a law firm that can get results while making the process as easy and painless as possible.
Whitney Tomeucci
23:35 09 Jul 19
I couldn't have picked a better law firm than Slater and Zurz. They were friendly and helpful from the first call. They ask what you need and find the perfect attorney for you. Silas Pisani managed our case start to finish. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and goes the extra mile to make sure he handles everything for you. We would have never made it without his advice and expertise. We were lucky to have such a great attorney. Would highly recommend!!
Denise Benson
17:41 09 Jul 19
Very pleased with the knowledge and promptness I received from Jeffrey. He kept the communication open and was quick to respond. The girls in the office are Awesome!! Very Friendly!!
Linda Robinson
15:04 06 Jul 19
Slater and Zurz was there for me and my granddaughter when we needed them most! They were a Godsend and I can never express the full extent of my gratitude and appreciation for all their hard work and excellent service. I would trust and recommend them for any legal need for friends and family!
Shar Dawson
11:01 27 Jun 19
Happy to give these guys 5 stars! Rob made the process very easy for me. Very pleased with the outcome as well.
s K
12:33 11 May 19
I was recommended to John Lynette jr from Slater & Zurz in 2017, after talking with him on the phone for about an half hour, I was happy to have found my lawyer for life! He was straight to the point and has a great sense of humor too. All my questions and concerns were answered. I also had the pleasure of using him again in 2019, and everything went great again. I've recommended him to several other people also.
Heath Lange
15:46 29 Apr 19
Margie at Slater & Zurz has been nothing but a huge help during this entire process. Since day one of my child custody battle she has been in my corner helping with everything and anything to do with my Son. I would recommend working with her because she will always give you the support that you need as a Father.The Experience I had with my Attorney Jeff Hawkins was outstanding and very professional. He helped me through not only my divorce but also my custody battle for my daughter. He always managed to keep me calm and give me the proper direction when needed. I would recommend Slater & Zurz to anyone and I actually already have.
Ivy Corpman
20:56 10 Apr 19
Thank you so much for all of your help, support, and work you did on my case. I strongly recommend these lawyers if you need one. Mine was car accident related. They are very smart, kind, diligent, patient, hardworking and friendly. Everyone in their office was very kind to me.
Mark Miller
06:01 28 Feb 19
I approached Mr. Buchanan last year, after having known him from previous endeavors years back, about a lawsuit that had been filed against my significant other and I. Without going into too much of the case details here, Mr. Buchanan agreed to defend us knowing we have a very limited budget. A couple other lawyers turned us down or straight up ignored our inquiries for this reason I assume. Looking back at that now, I'm happy that they did. Mr. Buchanan, with help from his assistant, Ms. Hunter, defended us well at every stage of the process, from the court filings to mediation, to different status hearings. Through his aggressive and thoughtful arguments, we were able to recently get the case against us dismissed completely before trial. This had caused a great stress for my significant other and I and Mr. Buchanan truly helped lift that weight off our shoulders. We'll be forever grateful to him, Ms. Hunter, and Slater & Zurz for helping us get the best possible outcome we could have asked for. If you're looking for someone who will fight for you, no matter what, Mr. Buchanan is the lawyer you should retain. He's truly one of the good guys. We highly recommend him and his firm.
Corey Hawkins
13:16 20 Feb 19
My attorney did a great job in seeing to it that the outcome of the case was within my expectations and didn’t exceed anything I wasn’t willing to undergo. I will use them again in the future should lifes circumstances ever require me to seek legal help and I’ve referred several people to them over the years. You’ll be in good hands should you choose to hire these guys. At least consult with them if your still not sure.
Barberton Tree Service Inc.
14:47 29 Jan 19
Excellent firm. Professional, honest and knowledgeable! Rick Z has always handled our corporate matters and has done so with efficiency and respectability. Couldn't be happier with their services!
Doug Swan
14:38 25 Jan 19
Going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage is not a pleasant experience. I was referred to Rick Zurz by another lawyer in Akron and he was fantastic. Rick is straightforward and easy to work with. I felt like he personally cared about my outcome and helped me work through some very challenging aspects of my case. He gave me excellent counsel and was always patient. The other thing about Rick is that his communications are amazing. He was there for me whether it was email, phone call or text. He was always on time for our meetings and appearances and clearly knows his way around the county legal system, opposing lawyers and judges. In the end I found his fees to be more than fair and reasonable. I'm glad this is over and that Slater and Zurz represented me. My thanks to both Rick and his assistant Liz. You guys were the best!
Neal Levy
20:22 24 Jan 19
Rick has always treated us with the upmost respect and professionalism. He is wildly approachable while remaining professional and straightforward with his advice and actions. I feel honored to know Rick personally and that I have him on my side should the need arise. He is always ready and willing to discuss a legal issue, advise on a general situation or review documents for protection and accuracy. I have no reservation or trepidation about contacting him when the need presents itself and always enjoy the time I spend with Rick. I recommend him to anyone who has the need or even simply wants to know that they have a reputable lawyer on their side.
William Miller
21:52 14 Jan 19
Slater and Zurz are my go to Law Firm.Knowledge, Integrity and Execution are synonymous when working with a client at Slater and Zurz.They have been my go to Law Firm for over ten years. They produce successful results for me and they will for you.Bill Miller
CC Chapman
16:40 13 Jan 19
Silas Pisani was just what I needed. He's not what you expect. He was quiet, intelligent, diligent, affordable and kind at all times. He didn't create any additional conflicts. He just got my divorce done the way I wanted at the initial price he charged.
Georgio Sarafin
01:33 09 Jan 19
I have tough accent to understand. The man took all the time so we could understand each other. He sent me to another office that was very helpfull. Promised to say thank you
Shar Robins
16:41 20 Dec 18
It's a wonderful settlement! We were going through some times with everything. Things are looking up thanks to you people. Have a very Merry Christmas!
Jeffrey Edwards
02:30 18 Dec 18
I had a domestic case pertaining to child visitation. Slater & Zurz was cooperative in helping me get the proper forms to help me through my struggle to see my children for visitation. They were veryexpedient in their efforts and I was charged a very minimal fee! I was very pleased with their services. I would recommend their expertise and have used their services when needed. 🙂
Jeffrey Edwards
18:42 17 Dec 18
I had a domestic case pertaining to child visitation. Slater & Zurz was cooperative in helpfing me get the proper forms to help me through my struggle to see my children for visitation. They were very expedient in their efforts and I was charged a very minimal fee! I was very pleased with their services. I would recommend their expertise and have used their services when needed. 🙂
Betty Petty
12:34 13 Dec 18
Jim Slater has been our attorney for nigh on 40 years. I remember how he fussed with my husband at first but we learned to trust him and we were all great, great friends. My husband died and I had several things come up and I went back to him. Same Jim after 40 years thoughtful, considerate, confident and friendly
Jennifer Harsh
02:17 13 Dec 18
I appreciated the attentiveness of the Attorney's and other staff that I have spoke with and worked with on a previous case. the whole staff is wonderful in dealing with clients and helping resolve any problems. They made me feel like top priority. I would recommend them to anyone. if you're looking for a law firm that goes above and beyond for their clients then look no further! Trust me! Thank you to everyone and all your hard work!
Dave Doucette
21:14 20 Nov 18
I've reached out to Slater and Zurz on several occasions and each time have been treated like family. I truly feel as if they were putting themselves in my shoes FIRST and talked to me as if I was all that mattered. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
Ronika Massey
21:33 06 Nov 18
Jon Zurz is awesome☺ He actively completed my case and even won us more awarded money. Also, I needed additional help with another case and he jumped right on it👌his staff is a pleasure to do business with!Thanks for doing business with me!☺
Denise Woodard
20:25 05 Nov 18
I felt real comfortable talking to Mr. Randy. He made me feel like family the first call. I am very happy to have Slater& Zurz Family Representing my babies!
TL summers
15:42 31 Oct 18
I work in the same building as S&Z they are a great bunch of lawyers. When I ask questions they're always very informative. Easy going and friendly. If I ever have a need for a lawyer I will go there 1st.
Kimberly Wilson
19:39 30 Oct 18
I do not have one negative thing to say about this Law Group! From Randy, to Breanna, and to my attorney John. It isn't often that you are able to speak directly to your attorney but I had the privilege of speaking to him many times. If anyone is seeking a top notch legal team, I highly recommend this Law Group. In my opinion they have hearts, compassion, and pure love of their jobs. I was treated with kindness and the utmost respect. I wasn't just a case file on someone's desk. I know I mattered to them!
Jeremiah Liston
17:25 25 Oct 18
This firm was especially attentive to my needs, and case. I am very excited about working with them. I will be referring any I can to these guys. Thank you for all your help
Arielle Kaufman
16:03 30 Sep 18
I spoke with Randy lastnight at a wedding reception concerning some legal problems I have. He was very gracious and spoke to me about it and I will be contacting him in the near future to discuss the situation better. He was very informative and a very good listener. I appreciated it very much!
Kasey Kaser
17:43 22 Aug 18
Contacted these guys after my husband's car accident. They were very helpful and keep in contact with you which is a major thing for us. We had fired his attorney and hired Attorney Buchanan. When he couldn't call us back his partner Randy did and that was a great experience. We met with Sean in person and everybody in the office was friendly and eager to help us out. Great costumes great team! Thanks.
Brandy Esposito
14:10 21 Aug 18
I have never spoken with a more professional and caring staff. The legal professionals here address your problem(s)with authentic care and explain the best options available in your situation. The fees or rates are not even broached until after they have heard and reviewed your informarion. They will call you back quickly and let you know if they can realistically assist. Should I need legal assistance in the future, this will be my first and only choice
Barbara Burtnett
18:58 27 Jul 18
Attorney Robert Horton was excellent! He handled our motorcycle accident claims when no other attorney would even take our case. We were very pleased with his services and he handled everything in a professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend him and will refer family and friends to him if they need an attorney.
Charlie Thrash
22:17 16 Jul 18
I had a simple question that they answered today. I used them 10 to 12 years ago for something I'm sure I don't want to remember. But they were great back then and very gracious with their time today
Dontay Colvin
21:16 22 Jun 18
Excellent group of Lawyers, ... immediately I received , compassion, and empathy when I discussed my case/claim even before I became an official client. Lawyers that offer this type of service is really hard to find these days... Once again this is a excellent Law Firm!!!!
Alexis Geary
21:10 20 Jun 18
The people here are extremely friendly and will bend over backwards to help you if they can. If they can’t help with your situation then they will help you find someone who can. Thank you Randy for talking with me and helping me out.
jimmy brown
18:58 15 Jun 18
I want to thank everyone for their professionalism. I have a hernia mesh case with them and every time I call they answer all my questions, doesn't matter how many I ask. When I leave a message they call right back. They treat me as valued client.
Kathleen Robinson
22:32 04 Jun 18
I spent 30 minutes on the phone with a very intelligent, caring guy (I wish I could remember his name). I need to move on in my life but I am afraid to admit my marriage is failed. He walked me through it - like he gave me some vision about being in a better place. I'll definitely call him when I get everything together.
imokhai okolo
15:24 18 May 18
I went online to their online chat feature. They responded immediately and put me right in contact with an attorney over the phone that walked through my entire case with me free of charge. They are more than willing to assist with any legal matter you have. Great and fast service!
Peggy Mares
13:21 26 Apr 18
These guys are awesome. I spoke with Randy today regarding an issue & wanted to see what my legal recourse was & he took the time to give me advice. I will definitely be keeping their number in my phone.
EDJ Jones
01:11 21 Apr 18
After speaking with multiple attorneys I called Slater & Zurz to get some information about how to dispute a traffic citation that I received. They actually gave me FREE legal advice!!! They genuinely care about helping people and are not just out to get your money. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a great lawyer who actually cares about helping the people they represent.
Benjamin Vue
13:22 17 Apr 18
Slater & Zurz is an excellent firm. I was assisted by John Lynette. He was always on top of things and made sure to help protect my family and I. He's very easy to work with and easy to communicate with. I had gotten into two different auto accident. One being a hit and run, the other a car rear ended our van and totaled it. John helped my family in both cases to make sure we were taken care. The case where we got rear ended took kind of long is because the people that were at fault, their attorney took forever on their end, but John went above and beyond to talk to those other attorneys and got them to hurry up and settled our case quickly. Thank You John Lynette. Ben and Nou
J Owens
18:35 14 Apr 18
Slater & Zurz was very effective and persistent in tracking down the driver of a hit and skip. I supplied the license plate number and they took it from there. I would recommend Slater and Zurz to anyone.
Dana Pavlik
22:26 12 Apr 18
Ever have your attorney call you back WITHIN 24 HOURS? I didn’t either! UNTIL these folks were hired. They even answer their phones!!! 😳😳. I was so shocked, at first, I was talking so fast to get it all out before I was cut off...THAT didn’t happen either! What what?? Really, these guys have YOUR best interest in mind from start to finish. I was impressed! Thanks Rob!!
Renea F
23:07 11 Apr 18
Called them after I was in an accident with my son. We were both injured and they responded fast. When I called for an update they promptly responded. They were always quick to be courteous. And they got us great settlements ASAP. Fast, prompt, courteous and efficient. Great attorneys. Thank you!
Cathy Pancero
18:50 30 Mar 18
My mother and I are totally thrilled with Brandon Dean. He was both passionate and compassionate after we lost my father. We knew nothing about nursing home law and he was incredibly patient and kind. From the very bottom of our hearts we thank you.
Joan S
22:41 27 Mar 18
Rick Zurz was my attorney for a traffic accident I was in last year. He handled everything in a professional and timely manner. Slater and Zurz staff was very helpful. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Slater and Zurz to anyone who is in a car accident.
Mike Conley
19:00 09 Mar 18
I found Slater & Zurz after a web search, 1st time I've ever needed a lawyer, they had me talk to Randy, it was great. he stayed on the phone with me until I had asked all my questions. Never felt like I was rushed he answered them all . The day next I was pleasantly surprised when he called back the to see how things were going. Great service, and great 1st time experience for me. Thank you Randy and thank you Slater and Zurz.
Jennifer Zenk
20:57 26 Feb 18
I recently had some questions regarding a legal matter concerning my divorce proceedings. Although they were not the original firm involved in my case , Randy took a great deal of time answering my questions free of charge! An attorney that is willing to spend that kind of time on the phone with me and not ask for a dime is okay in my book! They will no doubt be who I turn to in the future. A+ !
olamide afolabi
17:44 26 Jan 18
I would like to say a big THANK YOU!! to Randy at Slater & Zurz. I cannot begin to describe the amount of compassion and grace he extended to me when I called the office hoping to speak to someone about the legal bind I found myself in. Even though my case was not an area that the firm dealt in (which meant I couldn’t hire the firm) Randy took the time to talk me through my situation. Not only did he do that, he also followed up with me to make sure everything was under control. If Randy is a true representation of how his firm operates, then Slater & Zurz is a shining example of how we should treat each other as human beings regardless of who they are or what we get out of it. I truly believe that God saw my need and he sent me Randy and Slater & Zurz. Thank you Randy, I am very grateful.
James Allmon
13:06 18 Apr 19
Very knowledgeable group. Would recommend to anyone needing a lawyer. The staff is great to deal with. Just a little pushy on payment, but seem to be good people and willing to help.
Angie South
14:48 15 Jan 19
Silas Pisani did an excellent job assisting with my case. He always answered any question I had within a 24 hour period. He met me where it was convenient for me and even on a Saturday. He kept me informed and on schedule with the necessary proceedings.

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Robert McDonald
Robert McDonald
Mr Slater took care of a serious issue for us and made us whole. Effective, efficient and a genuine nice guy.
Lisa Devenport
Lisa Devenport
Excellent firm. Professional, honest and knowledgeable! Rick Z has always handled our corporate and personal matters and has done so with efficiency and respectability. Couldn't be happier with their services!read more
Haydn A Thomas
Haydn A Thomas
Slater and Zurz have provided professional and excellence service. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a solid team to support them through their difficult times.
Duane Thoroughgood
Duane Thoroughgood
Think the world of these guys
Carmen Kuss
Carmen Kuss
Contacted me on a Saturday after I spent the night before in the hospital wit a dog bite. Treated me with kindness
Rita R. Graham
Rita R. Graham
Mr. Pisani is a wonderful person and attorney. He attained a judgment for me and was dutiful in his services...prompt, knowledgeable, a good listener and kind. I highly recommend Slater & Zurz.

Client hit by a drunk driver

“On April 15th, I was struck head-on by a drunk driver at about 9:15 in the morning in Barberton, Ohio. I was transported to General Hospital in Akron.

When my husband contacted our insurance company, they assured him that he did not need to hire an attorney, which of course set off an alarm. He just randomly went to the yellow pages of the phone book and chose Slater & Zurz LLP…. and we are so thankful that he did!

With the help of the entire team of people at Slater & Zurz (especially James Slater and Rick Zurz), we were able to concentrate on my recovery while they did all the work necessary to handle our case and deal with our insurance company (since the driver of the other car did not have insurance).

They kept us informed of every step that they took, asked our advice and opinion and gave us excellent counsel on how to deal with the situation. They could not have been any more accommodating with visits to our home in the early stages, so that I wouldn’t have to travel any more than need be.

They provided words of encouragement during the entire process. They helped us get a settlement from our insurance company to take care of all the expenses we had which included medical bills, obtaining a new vehicle and pain and suffering.

The outcome of our legal matter exceeded our expectations. Although it took many months for a settlement, we believe it was fair and have the law office of Slater & Zurz LLP to thank for that. We would certainly use their services again and recommend them to others.”

Sandy B.

If you are a current or former client, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Auto Accident Victim

“I would highly recommend Slater & Zurz LLP. I was in an accident a while back and didn’t know what to do when the other insurance company began harassing me over the phone about my injuries. I didn’t trust them so I called Jim Slater at Slater & Zurz LLP and told him my situation.

He told me not to worry and that he would handle the situation. I never heard from the other insurance company again and the case was handled in a very timely matter. I am very pleased with the results and recommend him to my friends and family.

Jim Slater is the kind of lawyer that delivers more then he promises. I was involved in a bike accident and Jim Slater personally handled my case from start to finish. His firm required no money down for expenses or a retainer. The case started and ending according the to the time table the Jim laid out for me when we first met. I would highly recommend Jim and his firm for any and all legal issues. Yes we won and I got a few bucks.

Mr. James Slater has played a major role in my life for 20 plus years. He is not only a lawyer, but he is a friend. Even after your case is over he will still be there to advise you. My family, my wife and I love him very much for not only what he has done for us, but for who he is.”

Tommy and Nora Higgins

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“Jim Slater is the kind of lawyer that delivers more then he promises.”

– Tommy & Nora Higgins

Satisfied Client:

“Mr. Zurz has been our family attorney for over 10 years and we could not possibly be more satisfied with he and his staff. They are extremely efficient and he is very cultured when it came to any legal questions or needs that have come up.

He made us very comfortable and treated us like old friends rather than just a number on his customer list. Not only have we referred him to all of our friends but we refer him to family and we feel this is the biggest compliment we can pay him.

Lastly, he guides us honestly and has always acted with the utmost integrity. Mr. Zurz and his staff have earned our wholehearted endorsement. We are happy to extend this reference or answer questions to anyone considering their law offices.”

Respectfully Submitted, Rick & Lisa Devenport Barberton, OH

Client received payment from a delinquent account.

Akron Ohio Law Firm Testimonials - Ben Dickey“Slater & Zurz LLP provides my northeast Ohio based company with very effective legal representation at critical times.

My company has been involved in two separate cases where we were trying to collect large sums of money that were due and payable. When these accounts became delinquent, I contacted Jim Slater to have him step in and represent my company. In both of these cases, Mr. Slater delivered outstanding results.

In the first case, he was able to collect the full amount owed plus prejudgment interest, post judgment interest and all attorneys fees.

In the other case, he was able to collect the entire $500,000 owed within 60 days.”

Ben Dickey
Patriot Water Treatment, LLC

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A Lifelong Client:

“Attorney Jim Slater of Slater & Zurz has been our family attorney for 40+ years. Our family life has included marriage, working and raising five children. While life presents many opportunities, some of them are not always good.

When those times arose and we needed legal advice and/or representation, Attorney Jim Slater listened with compassion and provided qualified, professional and confidential legal services. Our association with the Slater & Zurz organization began in 1977.

When another firm negotiated a domestic relations settlement that was not equitable, Mr. Slater accompanied us to court, gaining paternal custody and additional visitation at a time when was certainly not the norm.

Over the years, Mr. Slater has provided legal counsel and representation when members of our family were injured in several car accidents by insured and uninsured motorists alike.

An Illegal stop by a individual masquerading as a police officer brought us to Jim’s office again, this time seeking advice on this disturbing sequence of events. Attorneys from the firm represented us in this court case which sought damages for illegal detainment.

Attorneys from the firm represented us in court as we sought a restraining order against an individual stalking and harassing our special needs daughter. Regardless of the situation, it is comforting to know that the attorneys of Slater & Zurz are there to look out for our best interests.

Slater & Zurz have improved the quality of our lives, protecting us from situations that could have caused additional emotional and/or financial hardship which ultimately resulted in our peace of mind.”

Cathy Giebel

“Slater & Zurz have improved the quality of our lives, protecting us from situations that could have caused additional emotional and/or financial hardship which ultimately resulted in our peace of mind.”

– Cathy Giebel

Child Dog Bite Victim

“Our youngest son was attacked by a neighbor’s dog when he was 5 years old. The neighbor’s insurance company wanted to give us a minute lump sum of money and call the case closed. We felt that our son deserved much more for what he had gone through and had to now deal with noticeable scarring on his head.

Long story short, we contacted Slater and Zurz LLP and they were absolutely wonderful. They were very friendly and seemed genuinely empathetic to our son’s situation. They were also able to more than double the amount that the insurance wanted to pay for our son’s pain and suffering. Thank you so much!”

Theresa Kelley

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Nursing Home Abuse Case

“I have to tell you this is a GREAT law firm. My mom used them when she felt my grandfather Pops died from negligence at a nursing home. Slater & Zurz LLP listened; kept mom informed, consoled and counseled her, aggressively won the case and gave her and our whole family closure.

Pops isn’t here and the only way to get an apology was for them to write the check and without the expertise of Slater & Zurz LLP we would never of had closure – I recommend them for anyone who needs a serious attorney and a GOOD attorney.

They left no questions unanswered and I thank them for helping my mom with this horrific incident!”


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One client, two success stories

“I would like to put in my two cents about my experience with Slater and Zurz LLP Law Firm in Akron. I have had two different attorneys represent me in different matters all of which have been successfully resolved. Attorney James Slater handled my auto accident injury claim. He was professional and no nonsense. There were times when I did not think I had any rights but he convinced me otherwise and a fair settlement was reached.

Attorney Jeff Hawkins was the attorney that James Slater referred me to about my divorce. Also, because of my marital issues I was unable to access my retirement income for over seven months. I was about to lose my home, my car and was unable to pay other bills until Attorney Jeff Hawkins took over my case. In a matter or what seemed like a couple of weeks, Mr. Hawkins had my divorce handled and all my retroactive back retirement pay was in the mail! He was a life saver as far as I’m concerned.

I had previously dealt with attorneys from other law firms one of which charged a tidy sum of money yet treated me like I was a nobody.

The attorneys at Slater and Zurz get RESULTS!! They are courteous and professional. I will always go back to Slater and Zurz for any legal issues I might have.”

Karen McGregor

“The attorneys at Slater and Zurz get RESULTS!! They are courteous and professional. I will always go back to Slater and Zurz for any legal issues I might have.”

– Karen McGregor

Divorce Client

“Where do I begin. I was going through one of the toughest issues I had ever experienced in my life….DIVORCE! When I was served with the divorce papers it was as though someone had just punched me so hard that I was in between the realm of being conscious and knocked out. I was numb to everything. I could not think straight. I couldn’t function. I was out of the house and I did not have a place to stay. How I got there I, still to this day, do not understand but if it wasn’t for the personal and professional care I received from the law office of Slater & Zurz, I truly do not believe that I would be the same person I am today.

I entered the law firm desperately confused, depressed and afraid of the unknown that was in my immediate future. I didn’t know what to do or where to begin but Rick (Zurz) and his staff guided me through it.

During our first meeting at his office, Rick assured me that, although this was my first time going through this, he and his staff had been through these legal proceedings thousands of times. I also remember that Rick told me to try and relax and let him do the worrying from now on. He told me what to expect through the process and how the process was going to unfold. It was so calming to know that I was not going through it alone and that I had a professional on my side to guide me. That alone meant more to me than anyone will ever know. If I had any questions or concerns, Rick was always there with either a new direction of thought, calming advice and at times, a joke to raise my spirits when I really needed it.

I don’t remember the exact phone conversation or which meeting it was but I do remember that I began to realize that I was going to be OK. The world as I knew it was changing but I was going to be changing with it. Today, I have a new relationship with a wonderful woman (as Rick told me I would find), my kids still love me very much (as Rick told me they would) and I am looking forward to a different but wonderful life. Rick, thanks is not enough….you truly saved my life! You are a true friend.”

Joe Belloni

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Business Client

“I have used Slater and Zurz for 25 years. In a long business career, I have had 3 instances of major business litigation. Two of the three cases were clearly won, the third was settled to my clear benefit.

Jim Slater has been an advisor, well beyond his role as an attorney, his wisdom has been apparent, and valuable. Rick Zurz is the litigator and he is the sharpest attorney in any room. He knows the case, including details, as well as I. They always take the high road, and this is apparent to judges and juries. I highly recommend Slater and Zurz.”

James Coffelt

Satisfied Client

I chose Slater and Zurz because of their ability to handle a wide array of cases. My legal concern was addressed in a timely manner. Furthermore, the total hours for which I was billed compared quite favorably with a benchmark from another firm.

I have also found that Slater and Zurz attorneys and staff return phone calls in a reasonable amount of time. Overall, I have been quite satisfied with how they have represented my interests.”

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“I chose Slater and Zurz because of their ability to handle a wide array of cases.”

– Alan

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