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You are dealing with injuries because of someone’s negligence. You’re looking for a Columbus Ohio personal injury lawyer to answer your questions and provide you with guidance.

With over 40+ years of experience representing clients, we will answer your questions and provide you the help you need.

We are a Columbus, Ohio law firm that has handled over 30,000 personal injury cases and delivered our clients with more than $150 million in verdicts and settlements.

The Consultation is Free and You Pay Nothing Unless We Win Your Case!

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Contact us for a free consultation by calling 1-888-534-4850, or send us a message here from our website.

When you contact us, you will speak with an attorney who has extensive experience with personal injury cases. We will listen to you. We will answer all your questions. We will tell you what steps you should take next.

This will be done at no cost to you. You will be under no obligation to hire our firm. If you decide to hire us, we handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. That means you will have no up-front legal fees, no monthly retainers and no out-of-pocket costs. We only earn our fee when we get you a settlement or a verdict in your case.

These People Contacted Us and Got Immediate Attention – You Will Too

“Thank you so much for taking the time to call me. I was amazed to receive your call on a Sunday morning, that is above and beyond what I expected. My granddaughter will be calling you on Tuesday morning to discuss her situation further. I am hoping you are able to help in this matter. After speaking to you today I am convinced you are there to help your clients, or potential clients in any way you possibly can. Thank you again!”

– Sue C.

“I personally want to thank Mr. Jim Slater for providing a no charge telephone consultation in evaluating my legal situation. No other law firm would listen or even return my call. His expertise and experience truly separates Slater and Zurz from other law firms. He answered all my questions with dignity and respect and provided valuable insight. I highly recommend that anyone with a legal dilemma or question to contact a law firm who truly cares. Slater and Zurz has restored my faith in the legal system”

– Troy D.

We Handle Many Types of Personal Injury Cases

Injuries are caused by accidents and other unforeseen events. We’ve handled a wide variety of personal injury cases over the last 40+ years including:

Learn About the 3 Parts of Your Personal Injury Claim

When you contact us for your free consultation, we will review the 3 parts of your personal injury claim. It’s important for you to understand each of these parts and what it takes to recover the proper amount of compensation for each individual part. You will see how the parts are different. You will discover how and why we will be play an important role for you in each part.

Learn more by clicking on this link: 

3 Parts of a Personal Injury Claim

Contact Us for Action and Results

When you hire the law firm of Slater & Zurz LLP to represent you in your personal injury claim, you will get immediate action, service and results.

We will work hard to get you the proper amount of compensation for your injuries, losses and damages. In most cases we are able to do this by direct negotiation or mediation. If that doesn’t produce results, we will take your case to court where and we can prove to a judge and jury why the compensation you need is proper.

We prepare all cases for clients as if they will go to court. We believe in being over-prepared at all times. That’s how we operate.

Where can I find Slater & Zurz LLP?

Slater & Zurz LLP has conveniently-located offices in Akron, Columbus, Cleveland, Canton, Cincinnati, Ohio. Arrangements can be made to meet with a Slater & Zurz personal injury attorney in other locations throughout Ohio if that is more accommodating.

You can set up a meeting with an attorney by calling the law firm at 1-888-534-4850, or you can go to their website at and “chat” with a legal representative. You can also contact the firm by filling out a short form on the website that you can electronically send to the law firm. Slater & Zurz offers a 24/7/365 response to your contact.