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wrongful death in Ohio

This is just one very important reason why the wrongful death attorneys at Slater & Zurz are available to assist families facing this type of tragedy—one no one ever wants to confront.

Slater & Zurz offers something most law firms do not have, or wrongful death attorneys have been handling Wrongful death cases for over 40 years all over the state of Ohio and know how to handle your case.

Contact us and speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney about your case. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1-888-534-4850, or fill out the Free Case Review form.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Many people are unaware of what is legally is considered to be a “wrongful death.” Wrongful death is a type of death that meets specific criteria. It is a death caused by a wrongful act of negligence or carelessness of another person. Multiple persons, an organization or a business can also be held responsible for the negligent act which caused the wrongful death.

The circumstances of a wrongful death serve as the basis for a civil action for damages by the survivors of the deceased. Because wrongful death is a civil action, no one goes to jail if they lose a wrongful death case, but there are significant civil penalties for their negligent behavior.

The attorneys at Slater & Zurz want you to know that they know that no legal action of any type and no amount of financial recovery could ever replace the presence of your loved one. However, the compassion and extensive experience of our wrongful death attorneys can help greatly in investigating what happened to your family member. Their expertise can protect your rights under Ohio’s wrongful death laws.

Four Decades of Representing Wrongful Death Cases

The wrongful death attorneys at Slater & Zurz frequently communicate with their clients letting them know how the case is progressing or if there is some reason it is not progressing at a particular moment. Their goal is to deliver results so that those bringing a wrongful death lawsuit can find a degree of closure and start preparing for their futures without their loved one. At Slater & Zurz, the law firm has had more than four decades of experience in handling wrongful death cases.

When the claim is filed, the attorney prepares the information necessary to support a fair and adequate value for the claim and researches any issues regarding the family member’s death.

There are two types of wrongful death recovery for compensation after losing a loved one. One is called a survival action. Your attorney can explain the difference between the types of cases and which may or may not apply to your family.

To file a wrongful death case certain conditions must be met:

The death must have been caused, entirely or in part, by the conduct of the person being sued (the defendant). You need not prove the defendant intended to kill the person. In rare cases, intentional wrongdoing could be an issue, but it generally is not.

  • The defendant must have been deemed negligent or strictly liable for the victim’s death.
  • As previously stated, the claim must be filed by a surviving spouse, the deceased’s children, parents, dependents or beneficiaries of the deceased.
  • Survivors must suffer compensable damages from the wrongful death.

There are also several other kinds of damages that can be claimed in a wrongful death suit and you will want to talk with your wrongful death attorney about these.

Why hire a Slater & Zurz Wrongful Death Attorney

  • The Wrongful Death Attorneys at Slater & Zurz have obtained numerous favorable settlements and verdicts on behalf of their clients who have lost a loved one to a negligent or careless act. Their goal is to hold accountable for every party responsible for causing your family member’s death. They have a demonstrated history of success in fighting for the financial compensation which many wrongful death survivors deserve.
  • Complexity is the keyword in a wrongful death case. Answering questions such as should the will of the deceased factor into the distribution of any wrongful death settlement is just one example of a question with which our attorneys can help.
  • Slater & Zurz offers free case reviews to help you determine if you want to proceed with a wrongful death claim. The attorneys also offer free initial consultations with no time limit on their discussion with the client. In other words, we don’t want you to feel you were rushed out of our offices without all of your questions being answered. If some questions come to mind after you have returned home, feel free to call us.
  • If you decide to hire our law firm, we handle wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not have to pay any upfront fees or costs. At Slater & Zurz¸ we earn our fee if we successfully obtain a settlement or verdict for you.
  • We put a team effort into our wrongful death cases. This means we employ various professionals including paralegals, economists, researchers, analysts, doctors, nurses, accountants and investigators in conducting our cases. We may not always need all of these professionals, but they are on hand if we do.

Where to find Slater & Zurz?

Slater & Zurz LLP has conveniently-located offices in Akron, Columbus, Cleveland, Canton, Cincinnati, Ohio. Arrangements can be made to have a Slater & Zurz personal injury attorney come to you if that is more accommodating.

Although civil compensation may be the last thing you want to think about in the midst of grieving over the loss of your loved one, it is something you should consider for the benefit of your family. Unfortunately, all members will need to go forward without their loved one and the many strengths that person brought to the family.

Of course, if the deceased was the primary wage earner, the family income that is lost will likely be missed even more greatly.

But a wrongful death verdict or settlement is much more than receiving money in a lawsuit. It looks at every aspect of the victim’s life and how things can be “made right” as closely as possible to the time when the deceased was alive.

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You can set up a meeting with our Wrongful Death Attorney by calling the law firm at 1-888-534-4850, or you can go to their website at slaterzurz.com and “chat” with a legal representative. You can also contact the firm by filling out a short form on the website that you can electronically send to the law firm. Slater & Zurz offers a 24/7/365 response to your contact.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wrongful Death

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

A. Under Ohio law, a lawsuit for wrongful death can be brought by the duly appointed fiduciary of the Estate of the deceased for the exclusive benefit of the deceased’s surviving spouse, children, parents and other next of kin.

Q2. How are wrongful death benefits paid out?

A. The proposed settlement of a wrongful death claim must be approved by the Probate Court having jurisdiction over the deceased’s estate. Whether by settlement or by verdict, the funds received by an estate fiduciary as a result of a wrongful death claim are distributed to eligible estate beneficiaries in an equitable manner as determined by the probate court, giving due regard to the injury and loss to each beneficiary resulting from the death and to the age and condition of the beneficiaries. If all of the eligible beneficiaries are on an equal degree of consanguinity to the deceased, the beneficiaries may adjust the shares amongst themselves.