Here’s a List of 5 things insurance companies don’t want you to know when you’re the victim of a car accident

1. You can get your vehicle repaired anywhere you wish – they may give you a check for “their” (lower) estimate but that’s only because they’re hoping you’ll cash the check and not get your car repaired.

2. If they offer you money for “inconvenience”, they will make you sign a full and final release, eliminating any further claim you may have regardless of how serious your injuries may turn out to be.

3. If they tell you they will leave your claim open for medical bills, make them guarantee in writing that they will pay your bills in full and not audit them and pay less – leaving you with a balance.

4. Do not let them talk you into a recorded interview – invariably they will get you to say something harmful to the liability portion or the injury portion of your claim.

5. They have a legal obligation to pay for, or reimburse you for, a rental – but if your vehicle is a total loss that obligation ends when they tell you how much they will pay you for the vehicle. Unless they agree to extend the rental, any additional charges will be your responsibility.

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