Video Transcript Product Liability in Ohio

>>Attorney Rick Zurz : At Slater & Zurz, we handle product liability cases. Those cases normally involve the malfunction of machine at a workplace. Workers can be horrifically injured when a machine doesn’t work right or when management has modified that machine to remove some safety devices.

It requires a lawyer with experience and expertise to be able to assess whether there is a case, and then prosecute that case to a settlement or to a judgment. It requires an attorney who has connections with experts who are able to get on the scene very quickly and who are able to assess whether the machine was either designed defectively or was manufactured defectively or was modified defectively.

The expert can tell us whether or not a claim exists and then we can retain other experts to exemplify the party’s injuries, the damages including the medical bills including the wage loses, including the permanency of the injuries, and the loss of the ability to enjoy life.

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