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Ohio nursing home abuse and negligence attorneySteps You Should Take When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Do you suspect a loved one has been neglected or abused by a nursing home in Ohio? You probably have many questions about what you can do and what actions you can take. The first thing you should do is contact an attorney who is experienced with handling nursing home negligence cases in Ohio.

A review of the matter by the attorney will tell you if the neglect rises to the level where a lawsuit should be filed. At the law firm of Slater & Zurz, we’ve been helping victims of nursing home abuse and negligence throughout Ohio for over 40 years. Our attorneys have handled more than 500 nursing home abuse cases. Using our experience, we can provide you with the professional guidance you need.

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There is no cost to speak with one of our experienced attorneys and you will be under no obligation to hire our firm.

Ohio Nursing Home Patient Bill of Rights

Ohio law lists the rights of every nursing home resident. This law is known as the Ohio Nursing Home Patient Bill of Rights. Under this law, patients have the right to:

  1. A safe and clean living environment.
  2. Be free from physical, verbal, mental and emotional abuse.
  3. Appropriate medical treatment and nursing care.
  4. All reasonable requests and inquiries responded to promptly.

To see the complete list, please visit the following link:  Ohio Nursing Home Patients Bill of Rights

Ohio Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman

When you suspect abuse or neglect at an Ohio nursing home or long-term care facility, you should also contact the Ohio Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman to discuss your concerns.

Ombudsmen do not police nursing homes. Instead, they work with the nursing home, residents and their families or representatives to resolve issues. When you contact this agency, you will be assigned with a personal ombudsman who can link you with various services and agencies that can further assist you.
To contact the Ohio Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman call 1-800-282-1206 or visit the Ohio Ombudsman website:  Ohio Department of Aging Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

Ohio Department of Health

We want to help you protect your loved one’s rights and will fight for you in court to recover damages when those rights are violated.

However, pursuing a lawsuit is not the only recourse that you have when you believe a family member’s rights have been violated in a nursing home.

Skilled nursing facilities are monitored by the Ohio Department of Health.  If you believe a loved one has been abused or neglected in an Ohio nursing home within the past year, you can contact the Department of Health and file a formal complaint.  Once filed, the Department of Health will investigate the matter and, if your grievance is substantiated, will cite the nursing home for deficiencies.

To obtain more information about filing and complaint, and to download a sample complaint form, visit this link: Ohio Dept. of Health Complaints Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Questions and Answers

We’ve prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions about nursing home abuse and negligence along with answers to each question.

To view this list, visit the following link: Nursing Home Negligence Questions and Answers

We Wrote The Book on Nursing Home Abuse

Receive even more information about nursing home abuse and neglect by requesting a copy of our book titled:  Stop Nursing Home Abuse in Ohio. 
This book provides helpful information about what to look for and useful resources of where you can find help.

Stop Nursing Home Abuse Book - by SlaterZurzThe following is a sample of the type of information you’ll be provided in this book:

Chapter 1: Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

Chapter 2: Checklist to Avoid Nursing Home Abuse

Chapter 3: Nursing Home Negligence Defined by Ohio Law

Chapter 4: Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Chapter 5: Confirming Suspicions of Abuse

Chapter 6: Selecting the Right Nursing Home for Alzheimer Patients

Chapter 7: Elder Abuse vs. Nursing Home Abuse

Chapter 8: Legal Actions That Can Be Taken

Chapter 9: Understaffed Nursing Homes

Chapter 10: Misuse and Overuse of Drugs and Medications

Plus 18 More Chapters of Helpful Information.

Nursing Home Abuse Website

To learn more about nursing home abuse and negligence in Ohio, To request your free consultation with an attorney experienced with Ohio nursing home abuse cases and to get a free copy of the book, please call us at 1-888-534-4850 or send us a message here from our website. 

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