hi tech motorcycle helmetA new invention project is hoping to offer cyclists a motorcycle helmet that incorporates technology once reserved for fighter pilots. It’s a helmet-mounted display known as LiveMap. It uses maps to guide the cyclist to his or her destination.

LiveMap is displayed on the visor of a slightly-larger-than-normal motorcycle helmet that weighs about three pounds. It is voice-controlled so the cyclist can keep his or hands hands on the handlebars while maneuvering the motorcycle down the road. In Ohio, there are no restrictions concerning helmet speakers, according to the American Motorcycle Association’s website. The screen does not show a complete navigation map unless the bike is at or near a standstill.

This helmet technology does not come cheap. The LiveMap motorcycle helmet is projected to cost about $2000 per unit.  However, for other gearheads, LiveMap may be a practical choice for various reasons such as safety generated by knowing where you are headed; longevity of a better-built helmet, and the excitement of having a helmet that few other riders possess. If the helmet is successful, the cost would likely decrease as more helmets are sold. Remember when flat screen TVs were quite expensive? Then again, one of the things we are talking about here is protecting your head, so each rider must ultimately decide what that is worth and determine if there are any distracted driving issues in using the LiveMap device.

Ohio Motorcycle Helmet Laws

An adult (age 18 or older) is not required to wear a helmet in Ohio while operating a motorcycle with certain exceptions. If you have a novice driver’s license or a temporary motorcycle license, you must wear a helmet. When the operator is required to wear a helmet, his passenger is also. (Ohio Revised Code 4511.53 (b)).

No helmet on the market today can totally stop injuries from a motorcyclist accident. If you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, you may need a lawyer.

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