vehicular assaultA 42-year-old Chagrin Falls, Ohio woman was in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Thursday, July 10 to be arraigned on four counts of aggravated vehicular assault for plowing into a group of motorcyclists with her vehicle.

Kary Myles was indicted in June in connection with the late May accident in Valley View, Ohio.

Myles pled not guilty to the charges last week.

Motorcycles Were Stopped at Traffic Light

The group of motorcyclists was stopped at a traffic signal when Myles ran into four of the motorcycles with her vehicle. There were seven people on the four motorcycles. All of them were injured and at least one person was injured very severely. Myles admitted at the scene she was looking at her cell phone at the time her vehicle struck the motorcyclists.

Police confiscated her cell phone and it was first believed that Myles may have been texting when she ran into the crowd of motorcyclists. Cuyahoga County prosecutors said their investigation showed Myles was not texting, but “was doing some activity on her phone” at the time of the crash.

Each of the four counts of aggravated vehicular assault could result in five years in prison. In Ohio, aggravated vehicular assault is a felony of the third degree. (Ohio Revised Code 2903.08)
Myles is currently free on $2500 bond.

Motorcycling Can Be Dangerous

Motorcycling is something that can be fun to do, but like all types of driving (or riding as a passenger) in any vehicle, it can be dangerous. If those who are operating the vehicle(s) do not obey driving rules or if others on the road do not follow the laws of Ohio, accidents are more likely to happen.

If you or a loved one is operating a motorcycle, or riding as a passenger, and sustains an injury on a motorcycle, there are those who can assist you in trying to make things right. Often, it is not that you want to financially hurt another person by pursuing an action against them, but that you are deserving of compensation for the pain and agony you have suffered and what you have lost due to another’s negligence.

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