“Mr. Slater sent me a packet in the mail after he obtained my info from the health dept. following a recent dog attack I was wounded in. I learned more information from his , packet and just speaking to gim. He took more action in 2 hrs than ant previous attorney. I would recommend James. Thank you.”
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“Our youngest son was attacked by a neighbor’s dog when he was 5 years old. The neighbor’s insurance company wanted to give us a minute lump sum of money and call the case closed. We felt that our son deserved much more for what he had gone through and had to now deal with noticeable scarring on his head. Long story short, we contacted Slater and Zurz LLP and they were absolutely wonderful. They were very friendly and seemed genuinely empathetic to our son’s situation. They were also able to more than double the amount that the insurance wanted to pay for our son’s pain and suffering. Thank you so much!”

Theresa Kelley

“I had a very bad dog bite and didn’t know what to do. I contacted Slater & Zurz and couldn’t have been more happy with their help. They were always available to answer my questions (no matter how trivial) and kept me well informed throughout the whole process. Their advise to me was spot on! I would recommend them without reservation to anyone whp needs a quality attorney!”

Matthew Armstrong

After an very unfortunate dog bite to my 11 year old son’s neck, I needed to acquire some good legal advise. I contacted Slater & Zurz and quickly realized that I contacted the right group. Jim Slater and his team took our information and quickly began to process everything in a timely, professional manner. At the time, I was unsure of hiring a firm almost 200 miles away but their communications and follow up to all of the questions made us feel like they were right next door. I would recommend Slater & Zurz to anyone that needed good professional help. And I certainly plan on hiring them for any future needs.

Richard Hooker

I recently had a dog bit case handled by James Slater and Sean Buchanan. They did a wonderful job settling my case and kept me informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend them. I would definitely use Slater & Zurz in the future if the need arose.

Helen Preebe

“The firm represented our daughter in a dog bite case that dated back to 2004. Jim Slater was extremely knowable and courteous. He communicated with us every step of the way, even when there was nothing to communicate. Jim would periodically check in and made sure all of our questions were addressed. We feel that we had the best representation we could have asked for and our daughter received a favorable settlement that was far greater than what we could have received on our own. We would definitely consider using Slater and Zurz in the future if the need arose!”

Eric Bender


“My daughter was bitten multiple times by a vicious dog. Attorney Jim Slater personally would call to check on my daughter. He treated us like family. The other staff Brenda and Andy were prompt with answering any questions I had. They kept me informed. Together they made the defendant pay for being negligent. If you want an attorney who cares and who will give you guidance throughout the whole process: choose SLATER & ZURZ.” 


Please note, case results depend on a variety of factors which are unique to each case. Therefore, past case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future cases undertaken by our law firm.