“I was in a car accident last October. I was contacted by John Lynett who was recommended to me by my chiropractor. He was extremely efficient and diligent in getting me a fair settlement. Once I decided to sue, the actual waiting time was minimal. I would recommend anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament to contact John at Slater & Zurz.”

Nancy Shelker

“Brandon Dean at Slater & Zurz handled the fallout from a car accident my son and I were in.

We were struck on a wintery road and our car was totaled. There were medical bills, replacing the car – lots of complicated stuff that would have been like taking on a part-time job to figure out.

Once Brandon was on the case the hospitals quit trying to charge me for things the insurance said they would pay and the insurance company had to deal straight with us. They saved us a lot of additional pain and suffering from an accident that was in no way our fault. I greatly appreciate the thoroughness and comprehensiveness with which our case was handled. Slater & Zurz helped enormously.”

Elliott Ingersoll

“I used Slater & Zurz and was very satisfied!!! Everyone I talked with was friendly & helpful. My case was handled mostly by Brandon Dean. I could NOT have asked for anyone more helpful & friendly & HONEST. The settlement was handled very professionally and quickly. I highly recommend this firm.”

Paula George

“We recently has a personal injury which Sean Buchanan handled. The case was handled beautifully from the paralegal to the attorney. We were kept in the the loop through the whole process and we received the settlement that we had hoped for. Slater & Zurz has an impeccable reputation in the legal community and through the excellent representation we received, there is no doubt that this law firm is the only one to handle any type of legal matter that you may face. Thank you Sean and Liza Lash for your professionalism throughout this most difficult time. We recommend Slater & Zurz to anyone who may be facing a tough legal issue.”

Mikala Stratton

“I needed a law firm to represent me in a personal injury case. I chose Slater & Zurz simply based on location on positive reviews. They handled my case efficiently and patiently answering my emails and phone calls. I received nothing but professionalism and compassion. Thank you!”

Lorri D’Amico

“While the healing had progressed after an auto accident, we needed support to settle our case and move forward. Jim Slater’s staff not only made us feel comfortable, but also provided reviews of issues that we could understand. With this legal support, we reached an agreement and we knew that we had been treated fairly. An excellent effort by Slater & Zurz.”

David Babich

“I was involved in an accident where as I was hit from behind twice.

A friend told me of Slater & Zurz LLP.  I in turn asked Dr. Floros about them and he gave me a good report.

I spoke with Attorney John Lynett. We seem to hit it off with understanding my point of view. He made a few suggestions and I asked could he handle the case for me and he said yes.

Close contact with attorney and client is good no matter how small the information might be. I believe that John and I have a good relationship. I trusted that he would  do his job well. John made sure that my case was done quickly and swiftly. I asked him to handle a case for my daughter. I believe I was treated well and would pass him on to others. The outcome of my case was what I had expected, so I believe all were satisfied.”

C. Watts

I have been referring clients to Slater & Zurz LLP every since I worked for Victims Assistance 14 years ago because I saw how compassionate they were to a family that lost their love one to a vehicular homicide.

In 2010, I was a victim of a car accident on the expressway when a company van rear ended me. It has been 11 months and I am still in a lot of pain and have had 3 minor procedures to my hip and almost lost my home I have paid for 17 years.

Slater & Zurz LLP helped me through it all and they always give back to the community. They allow the staff at victims assistance to use their logo at the Aero’s stadium to say thanks for all you do. What a great experience

Miss Ericka D. Burney Hawkins

“We were given your name by a patient in the hospital. Since we are from Florida, we did not know any attorneys, so we called you and were impressed with the information, so we hired Mr. Slater.

We are very happy with the results. We were involved in an auto accident while traveling in Ohio, and needed an attorney’s assistance just to get our medical records sent to our doctors in Florida.

Mr. Slater resolved the medical bills and payment for pain and suffering. He promised us that we would be made whole, and we were. We were always treated like our needs were important and we were assisted with all of our questions.” 

Kathy K.


“I chose Jim Slater as my legal representative over 20 years ago at the suggestion of another attorney I had used in other legal matters. That was the best suggestion I’ve ever had, and by far the best choice I’ve ever made in my legal affairs.

Jim Slater represented me in a very crucial matter back in the mid 80’s. Having been in a life threatening car accident, I was rewarded very handsomely, and still receive payments from that accident to this very day. Not only was I compensated financially, Jim showed me how to invest a large portion of the settlement. I will have tripled my investment over my life time. Thank you again and again Jim.

I’ve always been treated with respect and Hazel is absolutely the best. Although my first encounter with Jim hit a minor glitch when I asked Jim if he cared if I smoked in his office, Jim replied that there was no smoking in his office. I explained to Jim that I was battered and bruised, had 5 dollars to my name, driving an old beater that may not get me back to Warren, Ohio. Jim silenced my protest and placed a gold plated ash tray in front of me and the rest is history. Jim is my attorney for life. Allow me, Michael J. Sales, Sr. to recommend Jim Slater to you for your legal representative, God Speed Jim”

Michael J. Sales, Sr.

“In 2008, I was in a car accident. Fortunately, I was not “seriously” injured. I had no trauma to the head and no internal bleeding. However, that split second in time changed my life forever.

After the initial recovery time it took to not experience pain all over, I noticed that I had some lingering knee pain. Because I was busy and planning a wedding, I put off going to the doctor until the pain started to spread into my hip and affect my everyday life. I finally realized that the pain that started in my knee was much more of a problem than I thought it was.

By this time the insurance company had contacted me and wanted to settle the case for almost nothing and I realized I may need surgery to correct my problem. I contacted Attorney Jim Slater and after our first meeting I felt like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. He walked my husband and I through the process of seeing a doctor and undergoing knee surgery, and he and his staff took over the pesky phone calls with the insurance companies.

While the process took time, it was well worth dealing with it the right way. While nothing can truly make your life go back to the way it was before an accident, I was well-compensated for my injuries and resulting surgery. Since my surgery and recovery, I had a baby and have run 2 half marathons. I am so grateful to Attorney Slater for allowing me to continue my living my life.”

L. Chadima

“I chose this law firm because my sister had recommended them. I was in a car accident where my passenger and I were both injured. I appreciated how Mr. Petti met us at the chiropractors office so we didn’t have to make a separate trip to his office since we were injured. Mr. Petti explained everything up front. He was very nice. I was treated very well. I did have to call a few times to get an update on my account but they were very nice when I called and answered my questions to the best of their ability.

It took a total of 2 1/2 months to receive compensation after our rehabilitation was completed. We received the amount that Mr. Petty said we might be able to receive. Overall I was very pleased with the ease of process since this was my first experience with this type of law suit. Thank you.”

Michelle B.

“I wanted to share the experience I had working with Slater & Zurz LLP.

I was hit by a drunk driver. I was hit so hard that my one year old’s car seat was thrown across the back seat and it was buckled in. Fortunate for me I had just gotten off work and was on my way to pick my son up from daycare.

I was referred to Mr. Slater by Dr. Dan Tubbs from Tubbs Chiropractic after being seen in his office. I contacted Mr. Slater’s office and knew from the first moment in speaking with just the receptionist that I had made the right decision in seeking out their representation. As I explained my situation the receptionist immediately expressed her empathy and concern. She did not try to rush me through my explanation, or treat me as if I was bothering her. I had experienced that treatment with other attorney’s offices and chose not to use them.

My first visit to Mr. Slater’s office was amazing as well. I was immediately greeted with a welcoming smile and hello. My wait was very brief. I met with members of Mr. Slater’s team whom I must say were very helpful in explaining the process and with the paperwork. I then had the opportunity to meet Mr. Slater which was a great experience as well. Mr. Slater made sure that I did not leave his office not understanding what was going on. I was never more confident in making a decision! The office was always helpful when I called with questions. They kept me updated on the process of my case and anytime I wanted to speak with Mr. Slater he was always available to me and didn’t push me off onto an assistant or other attorney in the office. If Mr. Slater was not available he made sure to get back with me in a very timely manner.

I am again seeking Mr. Slater’s assistance. I have referred and will continue to refer others to Slater & Zurz because they treat you the way you want and should be treated. I do not give compliments to just anyone. Anyone who knows or works with me will confirm that I have no issues letting people know how I really feel. However when one is deserving I have no problems giving credit for outstanding service. In the days and time we are in now people don’t believe in being kind and giving good service so it is so nice when you find a company that still values giving quality service. Thank you so much Mr. Slater!

Kendra S.

“My husband had gone to Mr. Slater in the past. Prior to this incident, I had never sought an attorney for help following an accident and initially I had some reservations. But after our first consultation with Mr. Slater and his staff, I felt quite comfortable in moving forward, using his expertise in resolving our case.

I was pleased with the experience. The staff and attorney were readily available to answer any questions we might have. They helped with obtaining all my medical records and bills and settling our situation in a timely fashion. The outcome of our case was satisfactory, and our bills were paid. Because of the service we received, I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Slater and his staff to any of my friends or acquaintances in a similar situation.”

Faith G.


“I would like to put in my two cents about my experience with Slater and Zurz LLP Law Firm in Akron. I have had two different attorneys represent me in different matters all of which have been successfully resolved. Attorney James Slater handled my auto accident injury claim. He was professional and no nonsense. There were times when I did not think I had any rights but he convinced me otherwise and a fair settlement was reached.

Attorney Jeff Hawkins was the attorney that James Slater referred me to about my divorce. Also, because of my marital issues I was unable to access my retirement income for over seven months. I was about to lose my home, my car and was unable to pay other bills until Attorney Jeff Hawkins took over my case. In a matter or what seemed like a couple of weeks, Mr. Hawkins had my divorce handled and all my retroactive back retirement pay was in the mail! He was a life saver as far as I’m concerned.

I had previously dealt with attorneys from other law firms one of which charged a tidy sum of money yet treated me like I was a nobody.

The attorneys at Slater and Zurz get RESULTS!! They are courteous and professional. I will always go back to Slater and Zurz for any legal issues I might have.”

Karen McGregor


“Mr. Slater has treated me with much respect. I have used this law firm for various matters thru out the years with great success. Mr. Slater handled a car accident for me in the past and the law suit was settled in my favor. Mr. Slater has always been very helpful and with expert advice. Without his call to Daily Monument my parent’s head stone wouldn’t have been delivered as Daily put me off for 2 years. Because of Mr. Slater’s call to Bob Daily at Daily Monument they finally had the headstone delivered to Rose Hill for my parent’s grave site.” 

Carol Kohar


“I am writing this letter as a very pleased client of Slater & Zurz. I was a client of Gary M. Petti, Esq. from July 2004 to 2005. I had a personal injury claim against Metropolitan Insurance and David Schworm out of an accident on July 30, 2004 in Columbus, OH. Mr. Petti was efficient and meticulous in being there for me and my case. I was a client for over a year and was very pleased on the professionalism and the efficiency of this firm. I would recommend this firm and all its lawyers to my friends and family as they are so efficient and professional and work very hard on getting what their clients deserve. Thank You.”

Muriel Spears

“My experience with Slater & Zurz was great. The staff was helpful and professional in my claim. I felt they were concerned about me, and my legal issue.”

Mr. Peters


“I was referred to you by a friend who worked for another firm. They knew of your reputation and recommended Mr. Slater based on that. My experience with Mr. Slater was outstanding. Jim shows a personal concern and interest in his client, going out of his way to caring for both the personal well-being and legal interests of them. Mr. Slater personally followed up with my wife and I to assure we were being cared for. We were facing several difficult situations that required substantial investigation and research. Jim kept me informed in all instances. Additionally he displayed a high level of professionalism during the hearings, which resulted in satisfactory resolution and restitution to us from the parties that caused the damages. Ours was a complicated and intertwined case that has been 95% resolved. Jim worked and continues to work diligently to conclude the case with all parties involved, representing us as a both a client and friend.”

Mr. R. McDonald


“My husband and I were referred to attorney Jeff Hawkins by our son to represent us in a law suit we had against National City Bank. I also used Jeff Hawkins for a car accident I was involved in and he was able to settle the matter with the insurance company. I was treated very well by Mr. Hawkins. I feel that Jeff really cared about us and our situation.”

Mrs. Judy Petrime


“I would highly recommend Slater and Zurz to any of my friends or family members! Jim Slater made me feel confident that he had my best interest at heart. Jim and his staff were always there to answer any of my questions, and were always keeping me updated with any new information that was happening with my case. I had a very good outcome with my case, and I owe it all to Jim! Thanks!” 

Barbara Wilfong


“Attorney Louis Gigliotti and Slater & Zurz are like family to me. Attorney Gigliotti discusses the issues of my case with me, holds my hand through the case and when I’m not there during the negotiations, I always feel confident that he is looking out for my best interest. My family and I have used Attorney Gigliotti to handle several legal matters and we all love the work that he has done and he always get positive results for us. Lou makes me feel like family and he is always, always pleasant. I will always recommend Attorney Lou and Slater & Zurz to handle all my legal needs.”

Ms. Cathy Crosier


“I was in a car accident February 2009. A friend of mine, Robyn Williams, referred me to Lou (Gigliotti). I must say Lou and the office of great folks at Slater & Zurz took very good care of me. They were patient and kind and I received a reasonable settlement. Thanks Slater & Zurz”

Rejeana Jones


“I have used Slater & Zurz for most of my legal needs and will continue to do so. From the 1st time I entered their office they made me feel my problem truly mattered to them. They always made sure that when I left their offices I was clear of what options I had. They always go over every word of any document that is laid in front of me and make sure I understand them with no questions. I trust and recommend this law firm.”

Duane Fisher


 “I never thought much about having to use the services of an attorney. Things for the most part in my life were going along pretty smoothly. Then, one day, I hit a bump in the road. Rick Zurz and the office of Slater and Zurz were there for me when I hit the bump. Mr. Zurz has been my attorney since 1999. He guided me through a very rough time. All of the advice that he has ever given me has been very beneficial and for the good of my family. I would and have recommended Mr. Zurz to friends and family without reservation.”

Pam Beougher


 “I chose Slater and Zurz to handle my auto crash case. A friend of a friend suggested your law firm. After spending time with Mr. Slater I decided to let them handle it. My case is not over but I’ve been treated with respect, good communication and a great paralegal! Everyone working in this law firm deserves my thanks and admiration for contributing towards making Slater and Zurz a law firm that would be a great choice when you most need an attorney. I would recommend them to my friends and family.”

 Bonnie Mills

“In the summer of 2011 our daughter was injured in an automobile accident. Everyone told us that we needed to hire an attorney to represent her interests when dealing with the insurance companies. Like many people we didn’t know how to go about finding the right attorney for us. There are so very many to choose from. We went online and did some research. We contacted Slater and Zurz through email and explained what had happened to our daughter, what her injuries were and that we needed help. A few hours later Mr. Slater himself called me and really listened to me and made me feel confident that he could help us.

We met with Mr. Slater and Mr. Zurz a few days later and they walked us through the process, making us feel like we were not alone and that they truly just want was is best for our daughter. It was like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and we could now just focus on helping our daughter recover. My husband and I felt extremely confident in our decision to hire Slater and Zurz.

Our daughter was hurting and scared, but she was also nervous about having to hire an attorney. Mr. Slater brought her in and very gently and kindly walked her through the steps of how they can help her and how she could help them. Mr. Slater presented her with a iPad 2 and explained how important it was for her to stay in contact with them on how she was doing and that they would stay in contact with her every step of the way too, and that she could use it to follow her case online through the court website. Although she is still limited to how much she can do physically, she uses her iPad for school and to keep in contact with her friends as well as her attorneys. Our case hasn’t been settled yet but I have great confidence that we absolutely chose the right attorneys for our daughter and that we will have a successful outcome.”

Mrs. Dickhaut

Please note, case results depend on a variety of factors which are unique to each case. Therefore, past case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future cases undertaken by our law firm.