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Self-Driving Tesla Car Crash Kills Canton, Ohio Man

The Autopilot function that may have caused the death of an Ohio man in the crash of his 2015 Tesla Model S will not be disabled, Tesla executives say. Several inquiries are underway concerning the fatal accident with the so-called “self-driving” system (also referred to as “autonomous driving” and “highly automated driving with some driver intervention”). Joshua Brown, 40, of Canton, Ohio was … [Read more...]

Hospice Workers Specialty is Knowing How To Care for People at The End of Life

Many practitioners in the medical professions are able to offer hope, life and healing to their patients, but those in hospice work are a different breed. They stand on the threshold of death - holding hands with it almost daily - and their journey to death’s door is always unique. Heather Meyerend is one of those helping others cross that threshold. She is a hospice nurse in South Brooklyn, … [Read more...]

Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law

On September 8, 2016, Ohio will become the 25th state to permit its residents to legally use marijuana for medical purposes. Ohioans will be able to buy the drug in-state and use it to treat specified conditions. They must have a recommendation from a licensed Ohio physician with whom they have an ongoing relationship. There will also be programs set up so that the parents of those under 18 can … [Read more...]

When Public Duty Law Protects Emergency Responders From Lawsuits

Should emergency responders be protected from litigation? That question returned to the forefront of discussion this year when the Illinois Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that the so-called “public duty rule” should no longer be in effect in that state. The rule provides general immunity from lawsuits brought by those who accuse paramedics, firefighters and police officers of failing to provide the … [Read more...]

Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act Being Threatened

Until recently lawsuits against gun manufacturers and sellers in the U.S. have had little chance of success largely due to a law Congress passed in 2005 - The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). In 2016, a growing number of judicial decisions, including one in a Newtown, CT case where 20 children were killed by a random gunman, have allowed lawsuits against gun makers and sellers to … [Read more...]

Women Who Used Talcum Powder Are Filing Lawsuits And Getting Big Verdicts

Some call it Talcum Powder while others refer to it as Baby Powder. Some of the women who have used it regularly as part of their routine hygiene regime are filing lawsuits claiming the talc powder caused ovarian or fallopian tube cancer. As reported in a recent New York Times article, women are asking questions about why they developed types of cancer associated with their reproductive … [Read more...]

Legal Aid Cuts Causing More People To Represent Themselves

A disturbing report, Justice Denied, was recently published (April 26, 2016) in England which claims that 25% of all defendants who come before a magistrate in that country are unrepresented. The report cited various reasons for this finding. Reductions in legal aid, inadequate financial support for defendants, and inadequate information for defendants were three of those mentioned. The report … [Read more...]

Ohio Likely To Vote on Medical Marijuana in Fall

Legalizing marijuana will likely be back on the ballot in Ohio this November, but voters will be asked to legalize it for medical purposes only. Ohioans voted 2-to-1 in the fall of 2015 against Responsible Ohio’s for-profit marijuana legalization proposal which would have made marijuana available in the state for recreational and medical purposes. The main effort to get the issue on the … [Read more...]

Bullying Lawsuit Against School Settled For Record Amount

A bullying lawsuit in the Washington school district of Enumclaw was settled recently for $295,000. The suit was originally filed in December 2014 in the King County Superior Court. The family of the then 13-year-old plaintiff sought $1.2 million for extreme bullying and failure to protect a child. The child was identified as “A.M.” in the lawsuit and later as “Andrew.” He was bullied by a … [Read more...]

Remote Texting Case Has National Impact But Long Road Remains To Curb Driving Distractions

If someone is texting messages to a person who is driving, can the remote texter, not on the scene, be charged in connection with an accident that is the driver’s fault? A few years ago an accident very much like this hypothetical question happened in the state of New Jersey. Seventeen-year-old girl, Shannon Colunna, was texting her 18-year-old friend, Kyle Best, who was driving home from work. … [Read more...]