Wrongful Death Claims from Auto Accidents

wrongful death claims from auto accidents

An 88-year-old Columbus, Ohio area woman was a passenger in a car involved in a two-vehicle accident in Franklin County on December 29, 2014. Her husband was driving the car. The couple were both seriously injured when a 16-year-old male driver ran a stop sign at an intersection and allegedly caused the crash. The elderly woman later died. In a separate accident on January 7, 2015, a … [Read more...]

Understanding Legal Malpractice in Ohio

understanding legal malpractice in Ohio

An attorney commits legal malpractice in Ohio when he or she fails to provide legal services to a client that meet the minimum standard of care. That failure damages the client in some manner. This is generally done through an error or omission, but legal malpractice in Ohio can be something like a conflict of interest where the interest of the client conflicts with either the attorney’s own … [Read more...]

Request a Free Copy of Our Ohio Legal Malpractice Book

Ohio Legal Malpractice Book Cover 3D

We are offering a free book that we wrote and published titled: Legal Malpractice in Ohio, How To Determine If Your Lawyer Committed Malpractice and What To Do About It. This Ohio legal malpractice book explains what lawyer malpractice is and what it is not. In addition, it provides examples of legal malpractice cases and describes the process of filing a legal malpractice claim in … [Read more...]

Ohio Doesn’t Follow The “One Bite Rule” for Dog Attacks

One Bite Rule for Dogs

Many dog owners may be aware of the “one bite rule,” but may not realize Ohio does not follow this rule. Essentially the one bite rule says a dog’s owner is liable for injuries caused by the dog only if the owner knew or had reason to know the dog was likely to cause that kind of injury. The rule puts the owner on notice that his dog bites and he is expected to control the animal’s behavior in … [Read more...]

Wandering and Elopement in Nursing Homes

wandering and elopement in nursing homes in Ohio

Wandering in the nursing home environment may be defined as a cognitively impaired person straying into unsafe territories or moving about the facility without appreciation for where they are going.  In “elopement,” the most dangerous form of wandering, a confused resident completely leaves an area, unsupervised and unnoticed. Elopement is a specific example of Ohio nursing home negligence - … [Read more...]

Times When a Dog Owner May Not Be Liable for a Dog Bite

liable for a dog bite in Ohio

When it comes to dog bites, Ohio is a strict liability state. If you or a loved one is bitten by a dog anywhere in Ohio, the dog’s owner, harborer, or keeper will be held liable for a dog bite and any injuries or damages caused by the dog. The victim does not have to prove the owner, harborer, or keeper was negligent. He or she only has to prove they were bitten and the bite caused injury or some … [Read more...]

Legal Malpractice Cases Take Many Forms

Legal Malpractice cases in Ohio

Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer damages his client by a negligent action or lack of action. A legal malpractice lawyer’s role is to file suit against the offending lawyer and attempt to find justice for the former client. An attorney is required to exercise the degree of care, skill and diligence that a lawyer of ordinary skill and knowledge possesses and exercises in a particular area … [Read more...]

Altered and Inaccurate Nursing Home Medical Records

nursing home medical records

Nursing home medical records are an important piece of the puzzle in evaluating an Ohio nursing home abuse case. They document pertinent medical and health information including diagnoses. They also reflect the level of care provided by the staff and the patient’s condition throughout their entire stay at the facility. The accuracy of the records may play a vital role in competency issues in a … [Read more...]

Products Liability Wrongful Death Cases

products liability wrongful death

We should expect that products introduced into the market for consumption are safe or have appropriate warning labels, but no warning label came with the pet rat that a San Diego grandmother purchased for her 10-year-old grandson from a major national pet store chain. The boy bought the animal as a mate for a female rat he already owned. He became sick and died about two weeks after he took the … [Read more...]

Tips for Sharing The Road with Large Trucks

large trucks

Large trucks and tractor-trailers can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. They require more acceleration and deceleration than an average passenger vehicle and have multiple blind spots. Yet many motorists drive as though they are the large vehicle, not the truck. They fail to realize they need to share the road and to always take extra care around these vehicles. When large trucks do get … [Read more...]