Contingency Fee Agreements Help Make Hiring an Ohio Lawyer Affordable for Everyone

contingency fee agreements

Contingency fee agreements are an arrangement for payment for an attorney’s services in which the attorney is paid out of the recovery awarded to the client. The payment to the attorney is usually between one fourth and one third of the client’s award. However, by state law (Ohio Revised Code 4705.15), the compensation to the attorney may be a contingency fee “in whole or in part” and may be a … [Read more...]

Cleveland Ohio Teen Charged in Vehicular Homicide of 81 Year-Old

vehicular homicide

An 18-year-old Cleveland, Ohio woman was found guilty of aggravated vehicular homicide last week in the hit-and-run death of 81-year-old Maxine Lobins of Fairview Park. Juvenile Judge Michael Ryan made the ruling after a week-long bench trial.  The accused was 16 years old in January 2013 when the auto accident happened.  Sentencing will be set in four weeks.  Her penalty could range from … [Read more...]

What To Do If Your Friends Dog Bites You

friends dog bites you

It is said a dog is man’s best friend. But a dog may decide you are not his friend even if that dog belongs to a friend. What happens if your friends dog bites you? Or a dog belonging to a close relative? First of all, it is important to seek immediate medical attention even if the dog bite does not look serious. Many kinds of infection can develop a few hours after a bite and some bites can … [Read more...]

Akron, Ohio Doctor Charged with Illegal Use of Painkillers

illegal use of prescription drugs

A 134-count indictment was handed down by U.S. attorneys in Cleveland recently against an Akron, Ohio doctor accused of prescribing hundreds of thousands of unneeded painkillers, some to patients he never examined. Federal prosecutors said 63-year-old Adolph Harper, Jr. who had a practice on Romig Road in Akron, continued feeding the painkiller addictions of his patients even after other … [Read more...]

Shaker Heights, Ohio Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving Carries a Potential $1,000 Fine

cell phone use while driving

The city of Shaker Heights, Ohio has announced a ban on talking on a cell phone while driving. The ban goes into full effect on May 25, 2014. It could cost someone a maximum of $1,000 fine and six months in jail. Violators of the ban could also face a possible license suspension and two points on their license. Under the new law, a motorist in Shaker Heights would be permitted to talk on a … [Read more...]

Dublin Ohio Man Killed in Bicycle Accident as Bill Aimed at Providing Safe Passing Zone is Withdrawn

bicycle accident

Joseph Giampapa, of Dublin, Ohio was struck from behind and killed on March 22nd as he rode his bicycle on a two-lane road in Miami County. Ironically, the crash happened within a few days of the time Ohio House Representative Michael Henne announced a provision requiring Ohio motorists to leave at least three feet of space when passing bicycles would be withdrawn from a legislative bill. Rep. … [Read more...]

Armed Robbery While Waiting in Line for Breakfast

armed robbery

In a city like Columbus, Ohio, it is a good idea to be on the lookout for those who might intend to harm you.  But when you are standing in line for breakfast at a busy McDonald’s restaurant, it seems like you could let your guard down. On March 25th, one Columbus McDonald’s customer found out that's not a very good idea when he became a victim of armed robbery. While waiting in line at the … [Read more...]

University of Akron Fraternity Brothers Face Hazing and Assault Charges

University of Akron Hazing

Six University of Akron fraternity brothers, all in their 20s, were in court March 7th. They were  all accused of hazing and assault.  Both charges are misdemeanors. All of the fraternity brothers are active members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, founded on the Akron campus 90 years ago. Five of the fraternity brothers are residents of the Akron, Ohio area and one is from Cleveland. The … [Read more...]

Cleveland Area Man Wants Pet Shelter Where He Adopted Dog to Join Dog Bite Lawsuit

Northeast Ohio SPCA dog bite lawsuit

Getting a dog can seem like a wonderful idea, but David Ambrose of Brook Park, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio found out that getting a dog may not turn out so great. His experience as a dog owner began in 2009 when he was looking for a canine friend. He visited the Northeast Ohio SPCA and requested a “big old dog.” He paid about $75, signed some papers and brought home a large dog named Wolfy. He … [Read more...]

Akron, Ohio Area High School Girls Treated to Prom Dresses

prom dresses

Akron, Ohio area high school girls were at Family of Faith United Methodist Church in Akron  Saturday to choose prom dresses.  Numerous gowns had been gathered there by members of the Altrusa International Club of Akron, a community service group. The best part? If a girl attending the event chose a dress, it was hers to take with her at no cost. Young girls attending the event had only to … [Read more...]