The Verdict When Insurance Company Refuses to Settle Out of Court

settle out of court

An insurance company’s refusal to settle out of court when liability was obvious, and an attempt to improperly deprive the plaintiff of fair compensation for his injuries led to the loss of millions of dollars for the American International Group (AIG) insurance company in a recently concluded lawsuit that spanned more than a decade. In September 1998 Attorney Odin Anderson was walking back to … [Read more...]

Items to Consider When a Seismic Survey Shows Oil or Gas on Your Land

seismic survey

A seismic survey is often an Ohio landowner’s first step in determining if his or her land has oil and gas underneath it. In a seismic survey, reflected sound waves are used to produce a CAT scan of the Earth’s subsurface. If the survey shows you may have oil or natural gas beneath your land, you may be approached about leasing your mineral rights. If you are the owner of the mineral rights and … [Read more...]

Injuries and Deaths Linked to Low Testosterone or ‘Low T’ Therapy

low testosterone

We hear about “Low T” on pharmaceutical commercials. This is a condition that affects men who are tired, depressed or have low sex drive. Some physicians have also linked “Low T” to shorter life expectancy. Various drugs to address low testosterone symptoms have been aggressively marketed. A man may be told he needs therapy for low testosterone when his testosterone is actually in the normal … [Read more...]

Cohabitation in Ohio and Things You Should Consider When Living Together

cohabitation in Ohio

Living together, formally known as cohabitation, has become very popular in the United States. In most cases, there is a romantic involvement between the cohabitating pair. But being linked romantically is not a requirement for two people to live together long-term and sometimes buy property together or make long-range plans concerning what happens if one person dies. Without some kind of … [Read more...]

Assignment of Oil and Gas Leases

assignment of oil and gas leases

Oil and gas leases are governed by contract law, thus an assignment of oil and gas leases in Ohio is treated like the assignment of a contract.  Rights and remedies of the parties to an oil and gas lease must be determined by the terms of the written instrument, and the law applicable to one form of lease may not be applicable to another. In a lease assignment, one party hands off the … [Read more...]

This 30-Year Relationship Likely Fits Ohio Common Law Marriage Rules

Ohio common law marriage

In a recent matter involving car insurance, the claimant was told by the insurance company that she did not qualify as being  insured because she is not married to the policyholder. The Ohio couple has had a common law marriage for 30 years. Was the insurance company correct? Probably not. Ohio no longer recognizes common law marriage, but it is one of five states that has grandfathered all … [Read more...]

Landowners Need To Be Aware of Ohio Pooling Laws

Ohio pooling laws

Eastern Ohio is currently active with natural gas drillers. New horizontal drilling technology has permitted access to previously unavailable oil and gas deposits in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations that lie under Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Ohio Pooling Laws that allow drilling in areas where landowners object to drilling are the subject of much discussion in Ohio and elsewhere. … [Read more...]

Six Ways an Annulment Can Be Granted in Ohio

Ohio Annulment

Under Ohio law, an annulment is another option to terminate a marriage. The Ohio Revised Code 3105.5, Cause for Annulment,  lists six (6) ways in which an annulment can be granted. They are: 1. O.R.C. 3105.31(A): If one of the spouses was under the age of 18 at the time of the marriage, unless one that party reaches 18, they then cohabitate with each other as husband and wife. 2. O.R.C. … [Read more...]

Ohio Landowners Should Dig Deep to Determine Ownership of Mineral Rights

Ohio ownership of mineral rights

Mineral rights are rights the property owner may have to subsurface minerals which can be mined or used to produce resources. Minerals are generally ores of metals, coal, oil, natural gas, gemstones, dimension stone, construction aggregate, salt and other materials extracted from the ground. The property owner has the right to gift, lease, partially lease, sell or keep his mineral rights. … [Read more...]

Ohioans Called to Religious Service May Be Stopped by College Student Loan Debt

College Student Loan Debt Stopping Religious Service

Few people decide to dedicate their lives to full-time religious service. For those who do, some applicants are required to be debt-free before they can begin their religious service even if they meet all other qualifications. If a person has college student loan debt, this easily becomes a stumbling block to their dreams of becoming a priest, a nun or entering some other kind of religious … [Read more...]