Addressing Items of Sentimental Value in Your Will May Avoid Future Disputes

items of sentimental value in a will

If you have always thought that your mother’s seashell collection or your father’s ties would belong to you someday, it may not be a given fact if your parent did not make some provision ahead of time about how to distribute specific personal property after death. Even if some of this property has only sentimental value, it may not automatically belong to you simply because you are a spouse, … [Read more...]

Have You Been Affected by the Huge GM Ignition Switch Recall ?

GM ignition switch recall

There is news almost daily about the huge GM ignition switch recall and its faulty ignition switches. It was announced Friday, July 18, 2014 that General Motors delayed the recall of switches in 6.7 million mid-size and larger model cars. The company allegedly knew for 11 years that the ignition switches did not work properly, but failed to warn the public until June 2014. These delayed recalls … [Read more...]

Deciding Whether or Not to Take Babies on Bicycle Rides

Babies and Bicycle Rides

If you take very young children with you on bicycle rides, should they be in a bike seat behind an adult cyclist or riding in a bike trailer (a device attached to the bike)? Or, should the very young child, or baby, be left at home with someone else while a parent is riding a bike? By the Insurance Institute of America(IIA)’s definition, a baby is a child one year old or younger. The … [Read more...]

Columbus Health Department Procedures for Determining If a Dog Has Rabies

Rabies determination by Columbus Public Health Department

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, and the dog, or its owner cannot be found, one of the first questions you might ask is…Could the dog have rabies? Columbus Public Health Department officials explained their procedure for dealing with this question if the owner of the dog can be found. If the dog’s owner is known, the Health Department immediately contacts the owner by letter and … [Read more...]

$1.2 Million Awarded to Family of 95 Year-Old Woman Underscores Reality of Nursing Home Negligence in Ohio

nursing home negligence in Ohio

Attorney Martin Delahunty, III, the managing partner of our Nursing Home Division,  recently obtained a decision from binding arbitration that awarded over $1.2 million to our clients for the negligence and abuse of their 95 year-old family member while she was a resident in an Ohio nursing home. The elderly woman’s bed was carelessly placed against a radiator which exposed her feet to intense … [Read more...]

Driver Looking at Cell Phone Charged with Aggravated Vehicular Assault After Striking Motorcyclists

vehicular assault

A 42-year-old Chagrin Falls, Ohio woman was in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Thursday, July 10 to be arraigned on four counts of aggravated vehicular assault for plowing into a group of motorcyclists with her vehicle. Kary Myles was indicted in June in connection with the late May accident in Valley View, Ohio. Myles pled not guilty to the charges last week. Motorcycles Were Stopped at … [Read more...]

Importance of a Pet Clause in a Rental Agreement

pet clause in a rental agreement

If you are a dog owner living in an apartment or about to move into a rental home with your pet, have you ever asked yourself who would protect you legally if your dog bit someone or if any pet you owned injured another resident or visitor to the property? It is very possible in most situations the victim will look to the dog owner or the landlord for compensation. Having a dog clause or pet … [Read more...]

Penalties for Violating Self-Imposed Ban from Casinos in Ohio

casinos in Ohio

As Ohio’s gambling industry expands, with casinos recently opening in Cleveland and Columbus, the Ohio Casino Control Commission reports that hundreds of people have signed up to be part of the commission’s Voluntary Exclusion Program. The program began two years ago and offered those who view themselves as problem gamblers an opportunity to ban themselves from Ohio gambling houses for one … [Read more...]

Woman Running 3,200 Miles for Brain Injury Victims Passes Through Canton

run for brain injury victims

A 41-year-old running enthusiast is pushing a jogging stroller from San Francisco to New York City this summer in hopes of setting some world records while raising funds for the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA). Jessica Goldman is currently 11 weeks into her arduous journey, averaging 45 to 55 miles per day. Last week she passed through Alliance and Canton, Ohio. The massage … [Read more...]

The Duties and Powers of an Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency

Ohio child support enforcement agency

What happens if someone fails to pay child support? In each county in Ohio, child support is administered by a Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). Generally, the noncustodial parent pays child support so that both parents share the burden of financially providing for the child. The standard is the “best interest” of the child with the goal of keeping the child’s standard of living as close … [Read more...]